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      My Lucid Nightmare 2 hours after a break up with my girlfriend

      Hi guys,

      I was a registered member here for many many years but i forgotten my username and password so i created a new one.

      Here is a my dream experience after a bad breakup 2 hours before I went to bed.
      The last thing i did was sent a last text massage to my ex girlfriend before closing my eyes.

      I would really appreciate if someone could interpret my dream with my hidden inner emotions.
      Sorry in advance for any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. I hope you guys can imagine and picture my dream.
      It was a really emotional dream and I will try my best to put it as detailed as possible.


      I was on a rainy hill top on a starry night, feeling emotionally lonely but at peace and the view was amazing with the constilations, behind me I saw nursery of flowers and mainly roses no stock just the heads.
      I wanted the largest Rose and something tells me it will be at the top of a mountain.
      So i climbed, being lucid i jumped and i could reach great distance, so i kept climbing higher and higher until i reached a wall, like a barrier.
      I paused on the top of that wall which seems to go on endlessly, and infront of that wall is a great canyon of fire bed at the bottom with lava.
      A guy came up behind me and said hi of which i ignored and started using my phone.
      Reading messages sent from her, I couldnt clearly make up the reply but it seems to be responding to my last message to her before i went to sleep.
      I looked ahead of that canyon was the mountain which the peak was covered in mist, and so i jumped with all my might to go over the canyon and continued climbing up into the unknown peak still with that same objective of getting
      the largest Rose.

      As i reached the peak, it wasnt any Rose but a house made of blocks like minecraft. I entered and saw emptiness but just a bed and a table made of the same minecraft blocks.
      I came out of the house and looked down and saw the great height of the mountain which bottom is blurred with mist.
      Still raining and seemingly cold, I looked to my right and saw a passage.
      It was leading to the back of the house, i walked through the passage and saw weird and unknown things i cant explain.
      They were little block houses with weird noises inside, when i looked into one i saw nothing. They gave me a creepy feeling of danger, hurt, sadness, anger.
      but there were no body there. just the sound of the rain the wind and the weird noises.

      I decided to get out of there without thinking of continuing further in.
      As i got out i started leap back down the mountain, until i reached the canyon. There i saw a group of people 2 ladies I have not seen before, they were saying about a palace.
      Something reminded me of someone wanting to show me a palace, but i could not relate that to real life(after i woke up)
      In my dream i told myself "YES! the Palace" And i jumped across the canyon of fire and lava, but i couldnt make it across the canyon so i fell down and landing on a red rock surrounded by lava. I didnt feel hot or any burnign sensation.
      I took another leap to get out of the canyon and made it back to the wall top.

      There i saw the 2 ladies roughly in their 40s faces i couldn't make up or recognize.
      They lead me to a passage still made up of the same minecraft blocks, i went in ahead with the 2 of them following behind. I could hear them chattering but couldnt make up the words.
      As i went into a room, a sudden feeling of being threaten came into me. I felt like i was lead by the 2 ladies into danger, and i felt clausterphobic the room suddenly had no exit and i couldn't see the 2 ladies but i knew they were nearby.

      I started breaking the blocks wall and carried on breaking to escape the room, while breaking the blocks i felt the 2 ladies were following me behind and trying to kill me.
      I started using my lucid dream to my advantage and starter creating a HUGE arena with block walls in a maze pattern.
      I went on top of one and felt lonely, with a single thought 1 of my friend appeared beside me.
      As we stood above the wall aiming what seems to be a bow an arrow in my hands at the small block hole where i came out from, waiting for the 2 ladies to appear.

      A moment later 1 men came out with a bow and arrow and was trying to look for us with cautions.
      I started shooting my arrows at him and i got him 3 times and i took a final shot at his head, but still the 2 ladies were no where to be found.
      Then another guy came up beside me and said to me "good job" sometime tells me his a friend but i couldnt recognize him.
      Then what seems like him trying to exit from this world, he took out a camera and snapped a photo of himself. I think its like a way to get out of this dream.
      but right after he snapped a photo of himself his face changed from a happy smile to shocked a fearful look. As he looked at me, something tells me this whole winning was a set up and we were all played by the 2 ladies.
      I looked at my friend and he too had a shocked face.

      That was when i woke up.
      Emotionally confused after the dream.


      P.S. I have never played the game minecraft, only watched a couple of videos years back.
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