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    Thread: "Entering another dimension" lucid dream

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      "Entering another dimension" lucid dream

      My latest lucid dream was just standard until I accidentally entered some other dimension.

      Let me explain.

      I was in the middle of some sort of field when I became lucid. The dream nearly collapsed, but I took a deep breath and relaxed, and the dream cleared up. I took off and flew over a river, when I curved upwards so I could fly into space. Instead, I broke through the sky into some alternate night version of where I just was, but with a pickup and a stunningly beautiful sky.
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      I think I've had a dream like this. It was one reality/world/dimension on top of another. Very strange! Nothing collapsed or broke, but I flew upward so fast and popped through to another similar world.
      In one of the worlds (the world I started out in) I had wings. I normally don't have wings and I've never experienced it besides that one time. In that original world I started off in, I had made entirely different life choices from my waking life, and I flew upward to escape it, and I guess returned to my normal dimension.

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