As per title, this is what I understood happening. Fully aware I was dreaming. I was exploring the place and, well, simply thinking about it, trying to comprehend it.

It looked like I was in a spirit realm. I did not see myself from any side, but I knew that my own body was not physical. Nothing was physical there. In fact, everything in spirit world (or in this case, forest of dead Gods) looked like moving, living light, of different colors, taking different shapes.

Imagine going outside, during a somewhat overcast day. You can not see the Sun, but light is around you. In my dream, light was lightly green instead of yellow or white. Soil looked as if you could see through it, but in fact, you could not. It too consisted of green-ish light. Trees... You could not see exactly where they begin growing; it's as if they grew out of thin air, close to the soil. Tall, dark green, you could not see their tops. Not a single leaf. In every tree, bright light particles were moving up and down, like water moving inside real world trees, or like electrical impulses shooting in our nerves.

Each tree represented a dead, buried God. Gods in my dream were not the ones we worship in our religions. You could touch one, and experience the life, emotions, thoughts of that specific dead God. In my dream, there exist a lot of Gods; they live and die similar to how we, humans do. Unlike our understanding, they have a tasks/jobs/responsibilities to sustain everything that exists. Why they are bound to keep doing it, I do not know. But our worshiping of them would change nothing, grant no favors, yield no wrath, forgive no mistakes. Gods in my dream do not perceive humans as special, they do not control people in any way. But this is all I know.

That's about it. Looked nice, provided a different perspective on any religion. That if any Gods exist, there is a chance, that our actions towards them have absolutely no influence over them. And therefore, "in the name of religion" becomes an false excuse, or an unnecessary reason for our bad/good actions towards one another and everything around us.

Thoughts? In philosophical sense.