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    Thread: Second Experience + Dream Guide Again

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      Second Experience + Dream Guide Again

      I have previously posted about my lucid experience before where I talked about meeting my dream guide. This is the only lucid dream I have had after that one.
      I have struggled to attain lucididity after the first dream mostly because of feeling discouraged, but I recently started documenting in my journal again and now I had this dream.

      I find myself in a store. The store is fairly large and clothing racks can be seen strewn about. The store has a distinct white theme, and most of the things around are white. When the dream started, I was put right in the middle of it, and in front of me as well as to the right and left of me were these portals. This part is kind of goofy but all of a sudden a loud, ominous, disembodied voice started talking throughout the dream. The first thing it said was "face your fears!" All of a sudden, through the portals are things that are common fears, none of which I was afraid of. The portal in front of me suddenly changes to a tall brick building. The voice says," You're afraid of heights, face your fears!" I begin to talk aloud, "But I'm not afraid of heights." The voice then says "Oh...uh...w- well, here!" The portal in front of me then changes again to a dark environment. "Here! You're afraid of the dark! Face your fears!" I say aloud once again, "Not afraid of that either." At this point I am thinking to myself what I'm actually afraid of, I conclude I am afraid of spiders. Here at this point, I kind of realize I am dreaming but I am not lucid yet, because I tried really hard not to think of spiders because I thought the dream might summon some in. The voice and portals then dissapear.

      I become immediately lucid, and I am so sure that I'm dreaming that I decide I don't even need to perform a reality check, I just know. I turn around and face the enterance of the store, light is shining through the windows. I yell out loud, "Dream guide, dream guide, dream guide!" Much like my last dream, nothing happens immediately. I go over to a part of the store and talk with some guy but that part is not important. I head back to the center of the store and my dream guide is there. Her name is Ashley. I run over to her and embrace her, completely ecstatic. We even fall over because we were hugging so much. She is extremely pretty, long black hair, soft face, and beautiful brown skin. I told her I missed her, but something was off.

      In my last lucid experience post, I explained how she was worried in my last dream. When I first saw her, she even said she wasn't expecting me so soon, and she had this look of worry on her face. She took my hand and it was like she was rushing me out of the dream, I woke up shortly after. In this dream, she still had the look of concern and she was distant. I tried asking her what was wrong but she wouldn't tell me. The dream ended shortly after once again.

      So it has really made me think what could be going on and the next time I see her Ill be sure to figure it out. Nonetheless, this new experience has filled me with happiness and motovation. As a side note, I have finals coming up for my schooling, and I have been very worried about them and I felt unprepared. When I woke up from this dream, it is like something came over me and I knew, I just knew that I will do amazing on the upcoming exams. It was like an innate feeling, I thought that was incredible. I also had this huge sense of happines when I awoke. It has really motivated me, and the prospect of seeing Ashley again has filled me with determination.

      What are your thoughts?
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      Hello. I think it's wonderful that you found a dreaming companion that has inspired you. That's the most important thing.

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      Hi EH7, just a couple of comments. I haven't visited this site for quite a while, and it's so great to have people who are sharing their inner experiences in the dream worlds. I wanted to recommend a resource that may be helpful. There's a publication called Soul Adventure Magazine. The most recent issue is devoted to Dreams. There are quite a few good resources in there including a story by someone who faced his fear in a dream. There's also a technique to explore your dreams, as well as information about a spiritual guide or the Dream Master who can assist you with your dream exploration. They also offer a free book on dreams. The link to download the entire magazine PDF is here: https://www.eckankar.org/eck-soul-adventure-magazine/ I'm thinking you may find some nuggets in there that can provide some insights for deeper dream exploration. You can also download the other issues which cover the topics of Past Lives, Present Lessons; Miraculous Coincidences; and Life After Death. All issues are complimentary!

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