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      Hi All!
      My name is Arsen and this is my experience which happened Last year.

      Im New To this site related to Lucid Dream .
      ( Just a litle note I Live in Montreal and my main language is French so if i have some mistakes in spelling please correct them )

      -I Would Like to share something which i experienced last year during winter times.

      The Experience:
      When i woke up early in the morning i had to walk with my litle brothers to school ( i did it everyday due to school starts near 10am)

      When i came home i had 2 hours to take a short nap.
      While trying to Fall asleep a voice told me not to worry.. And Sudently i was in a Dark (BlacK)
      room , I Couldn't see Anything it was like someone turned all Lights off.
      Than a Friendly voice told me again not to worry.. and right away after that "it told me to ask it 3 questions"

      Before going any further i been Practising on oobes and Doing some Researches about ufo's.
      Maybe this is related to that.

      the 3 questions:
      The First question which i asked was !Show me God!?
      Right Away a Humanoid came into my View And it Was Rotating very slowly .... i had a clear view of what it looks like.( Human Shape form, Cant Describe the Clothes The View was Black , White and maybe some Grey color)

      The 2nd question which i asked was "Show me Allien Space Craft"?
      Right away i was Teleported Into a Corridor with 3 corridors Around me ( The Color was Amazing , Blue , Yellow , White the feeling was incredible ) it was just wonderfull by just looking at it the colors were changing [ i can tell the height it was probably around 2.5m high and the same thing for the width]
      I tryed to move but it just didnt let me , i could only stand there and observe the coridors. Than Right away
      It Teleported me back to the Dark room once i forced my self to move.

      My 3rd Question was Again the same thing as the 1st one. I Didn't belive my eyes what i saw in the first question.
      So i decided for the last question to Repeat the 1st one.
      Show me God again?
      Now this is the part im confused on :
      Another Humanoid showed up ( This one Was Fatter and had longer hairs )

      I would like to tell more details but it is beyond my comprehention.

      Something about me :
      my Familly is big with 7 Kids im the 3rd male
      1 more year in High school
      3 times champion of Canada in Karate
      age : 17

      MY CURRENT lc SKILLS :aka : my favorite skill is to fly
      3-4 times a week ( Controling the dream)

      My Goal:
      From LC to OObe

      If Anyone wants to know more details i will post them later on.

      I Apretiate some explanations

      This site is great and i cant wait to share some other Experiences!

      this is my 2nd post . Noone seemed to respond in the newb zone.

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      Firstly hi and welcome to the forum .

      It sounds like you had a WILD but I'm not sure.

      The whole 3 question thing could've been your sub-conscious "communicating" with you in the dream. You might be interested in the Beyond dreaming section.
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      Welcome to the forum&#33;

      I know nothing about OBE&#39;s so I won&#39;t be of any help there. I just like to say hi.

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      thx for the help


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