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      Yay i got my first lucid dream this morning, and not like i intended to. I had put my clock alarm at 7:00 to to a WBTB. I got up for 10 mins and played some mario kart DS, then went to the bathroom and got back in my bed. I tried to WILD but after 20 minutes, my mind wandered and i slipped into sleeping.

      Then i wake up in a house that i thought was my aunt's. I stood up and I WAS SUre i was awake in real life. So then i say to myself, hey i'll do a RC for fun. I block my nose and mouth, breathe , and surprinsingly i can still breathe. I can't believe it so i do it a 2nd time and a 3rd time. At the 3rd time, i realize OMG i'm in a dream. This is when i got lucid. Then i got pretty excited and unfortunatly i hadn't planned anything to do in my lucids.

      So i start running up the house and try to expect someone appearing in the next room. Evverything in my dream was darkenned, like it was night time. Then when i got to the kitchen, a really scary male puppet appeared looking at me and laughing. I first decided to spin to try changing the location. Everything went black but after a short lapse of time i was back exactly were i was. The puppet was still there. I got scared and started running in the opposite direction , then everything pretty much morphed into something to scare me. The last thing i remember seeing is a series of about 50 faces that looked like witches changing colours and approaching me. It was a pretty vivid dream.

      Then i woke up, not scared at all. I was very happy that i could experience a lucid dream but i am looking foward to better controlling the lenght and the settings of my lucids, and hoping to achieve a WILD

      Any tips?

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      Don't feel too incredibly bad about being scared and running. It sounds like you lost lucidity. If you're completely aware that you're in a dream, thus experiencing a lucid dream, then you can be aware that nothing can actually hurt you in a dream. It sounds like something that would happen though. If something in a dream scares you, and you try to make it go away by spinning (although I thought that spinning was just a technique to increase vividness of your dreams) and then it, the puppet, still be there your mind is probably thinking maybe I can't do anything in my dream, maybe this thing can still hurt me. By then you've lost lucidity.

      My tip: look around the forums for lists of lucid dreaming abilities. Find one and set it as your goal, go to sleep thinking about how bad you want to try that one (just to keep it on your mind, so that if you use a technique involving narration just allow that to keep your priority). Just have an idea of what you want to do once you become lucid. That way, you won't give yourself the opportunity to loose it, like you did here. Just remain calm because you could excite yourself to the point of waking yourself up and try commanding your dream. Say "Increase vividness," in order to do so. Also you could try spinning or rubbing your hands together.

      A lot of people don't have an experience in their first couple months of LD'ing, so great job man. If you aren't keeping a dream journal, you should start one with the dream you posted here. That's pretty sweet for the first dream in a journal to be a lucid.
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      I&#39;ve personally never tried spinning, because when I see something scary in a lucid dream I like to just kick the sh*t out of it.
      I had a strange dream last night...


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