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    Thread: odd dream.

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      odd dream.

      well i was having a weird dream to say the least...

      first off iím running around some farm in a blue school bus... i don't know where but somewhere in the dream i loose the bus and i'm on foot... then i remember going into this cave thing... then iím in a old video game... it kinda looked like and old zelda game. well iĎm running around in 3rd person and swinging my sword around. i become lucid. my perspective pulls away from the game... as if the game was on a screen. i look around and i'm in a walmart or something similar. iím playing the video game in the electronics department. my old architecture teacher is standing next to me in a red vest... he works there. i lose lucidity. he asks me how i liked the game and i say it was ok. he asks me if i wanted "more life," i say sure. he swipes a card through a slot on the side of the game but a customer distracts him. i run up to the game and keep hitting the up arrow... my life meter over fills... it runs all over the screen. my old teacher turns around and sees the mess running off the screen and all over the floor. he points a finger at me and screams "thief!" i try to run away but a kid from school in a red vest runs up and hits me over the head with a baseball bat. i fall to the floor. i wake up and the sky is black. my sister is to my left. i only see her outline... itís white. it looked like she was drawn in chalk. i look around and realize that iím lying in the middle of a walk-street in california. there are kids all around me playing... they all have chalk outlines like my sister. i start to freak out. i keep asking my sister why the sky is black and why everything is so dark. her explanation is that it was windy during the night and it threw the earth out of orbit. i focus on a kid's back pack. the outline of it is white but it slowly turns blue... i gain a very low level of lucidity. i say to myself... "this isn't right. wind can't throw us out of orbit... IT'S FAKE!" i look up at the sky and these black clouds part and let through orange rays of sunlight. i yell, "THEY'RE ONLY CLOUDS KIDS! DON'T WORRY!" the sky parts and lets through tons of light. itís warm. i wake up only to find that the sun is shining on my eyes through a break in the curtains.
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      that sound awesomeness, i had a dream that thier was this huge monster crushing me and when i woke up, my cat was crawling on me

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      That dream was very cool. Weird how they called you a theif because you got heaps of lives


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