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    Thread: LD's like CRAZY

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      LD's like CRAZY

      2 nights in a row.. Fucking ld's EVERYWHERE.

      First LD..

      My brother and his friend and i have always planned robbing my grandparents of her pot, drugs, alcohol, guns, money, and jewelry. I never think we would have done it, until' that dream.

      Anyways, it started out that we were in a field, by their house.
      My mom said that she SAW them leave, when they were really upstairs or hiding or some shit. So, the action started, i waited outside for them to complete it, and i would drive them away. I had a NICE car. 2004 corvette i believe. Anyways, just as they were coming out, my grandparents come down the stairs. We're like OH SHIT. Then they're like LETS GET THOSE FUCKS! So, we're racing down the road, and at this period, there's a HUGE hill, i'm just like " Fuckit!" and i fly over the city. This time, i'm really flying! And they are too. Fuck. So i go down 291 highway, into my driveway, and i just lay down, as of everyone.

      My grandparent come down, knock on the window, stoned as fuck, and say " Hey guys, we came down for a visit!"

      Dream 2:

      Okay, I was in paris, this is where a girl was stripping in the window of her house. So, i climb up her ladder, on her roof, and get front row seats of where she's about to lay this guy. ( Shes got a window on her roof)

      I see this girl, and she looks up. Apparently, she saw me, and she just stopped. Then i climbed down to her window on the wall, and she said something like " Since you saw me, you know i'm a hooker( i didnt know)
      so i asked her for some secks, she said 6$.. I was appauled. So, i climbed upstairs to find her laying some other d00d, and i guess she thought that he was going to pay her.

      Thats the end, it kinda sucked..

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