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      Have your LDs change over time?

      I'd like to know if your LDs have changed over time in any way.

      Asking, of course, people who have had several LDs over a period of months or years.
      I've had LDs over a year and a half period.
      My LDs have become less frequent, less vivid, and less focused.
      The last 2 two were hard to focus on, it felt like I was so groggy I could
      hardly manage to do anything like stabilization techniques.
      Also, I thought with time and experience that they would get longer, but lately they have all been very short, maybe 30 seconds at the most.
      Maybe once a month I will have a clear LD where things seem a little like real life, but usually I can easily tell when it's an LD, no need for any RCs.
      Anyway, it's bumming me out, and I was wondering if anyone else experiences anything like this. Hopefully it's just a temporary thing.

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      yea, i know what you are talking about. i am a natural Ld'er and a few months ago i went through a non lucid, but very vivd(as always) dream series. now every thing is back to normal. the resaon mine stoped is because i concentrated on becomming lucid. i never knew what ld was before evenr though i did it, and whn i found out abouti t i htink it frozed me. lol. i hoped this helped a bit.
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