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    LD Game Team Ideas

    by , 03-12-2011 at 12:27 AM (3069 Views)
    Credit for these ideas can be found in the LD Game Idea thread in your individual posts. Most of these ideas are from team members, not me.

    If you like this page, please send praise to the LD Game Idea thread. Thank you.

    Game Related Ideas

    1. A game with a kind-of a kingdom hearts feel.
    2. You could also go with a sandbox style game.
    3. I have some music I wrote up which is still in the works.
    4. There would be some evil beings on the dream plane that are invading the waking world and this guy has to learn to lucid dream to stop them.
    5. As you progress in the game, you learn new "dream control" abilities...like flying, super sprint, teleportation, etc.
    6. You could also face certain obstacles that you have to overcome. Walls, bad guys (or cops ), dark regions and such. You could go different ways (per your sandbox idea), to get away from problems, and call on your abilities as appropriate.
    7. You can slowly lose a power like getting heavy while flying...or losing lucidity!

    Administrative ideas
    1. I think we need to recruit more people from this forum to help with the project. Anyone reading this, even if there is nothing you think you can do, trust me there is. Please volunteer.
    2. We will also need someone to compile a list of people working on the project and their contributions for the credits.
    3. Each team should have some means of contact outside of this thread to communicate on what needs to be done and post a few updates back here.
    4. We should get a list of who wants to help and once we have 10+ we should all get into chat and see if we can get the ball rolling.
    5. The best way to go about this would be to make a short demo first. Maybe around 20-30 minutes of play time. Then you can release/show off the demo and go with it from there. Making a full game is a huge project and a demo could definitely get you a good start. It would also be wise to go with the xbox live marketplace/playstation network-type game. Many of those games are made by small groups of people. Download-able media is really booming right now, and seems to be going nowhere but up.
    6. Create a script from the collective ideas of everyone. Possibly put up some polls and whatnot to make some decisions (like the name of the game, etc.
    7. I would suggest anyone involved make a link in their signature to this thread. Called, "The Lucid Video Game Project," or something similar.
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    1. KristaNicole07's Avatar
      Neat ideas!
    2. The Sandman's Avatar
      * I would like some of the music to have lyrics that talk about lucidity and dream powers in the positive. Lyrics about Reality Checks would be cool.

      * Some game goals could be WILD's and EILD's etc.

      * I envision the game character dreaming; he/she wakes up, and you try to do a WBTB. A window tells you information about your dreamer; he/she has an itch. You don't want to move, but the right thing to do is to scratch the itch and then try not to move any more. Sorry if that is a dumb idea.

      I guess what I'm getting at is this game can help teach. It can include scenarios that you would find in a FAQ page.
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    3. Shadow27's Avatar
      Nice rman, this should be good
    4. mrdeano's Avatar
      Maybe you could implement something similar to Scribblenauts? Having the player be able to manifest items that they may need to complete a task would give it the most Lucid Dreaming feel.
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    5. The Sandman's Avatar
      Your Character could learn the skill of a force-field of lucidity. You would speak the words, "With this force-field I gain lucidity!" Lucidity could be conjured in other ways as well.
      I see the conjuring of lucidity as the key purpose of this game. You might continue by saying, "It is not in the spoken words, but understanding the dream sign." Maybe that is too much, but I want to avoid pitfalls I have experienced. Twice now I have dreamed of reality checks and dream power practice in a dream and failed to recognize the dream sign.

      This idea is an extension of idea #7 above. I see gaining lucidity as the key role in this game, therefore perhaps you could have a lucidity bar. As time passes, or with each skill used, your lucidity bar could deplete. To charge your lucidity, you must stabilize your dream with affirmations of lucidity, verbal and physical RC's
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    6. KingYoshi's Avatar
      Here are some things I have been brain storming, let me know what you guys think...........

      * I think the Kingdom Hearts style game is the way to go, but you could also have some areas of the game where you can just explore a do some side missions or whatnot (gives a little sandbox style freedom).

      * How Jiminy Cricket kept a journal in Kingdom Hearts, you would have a Dream Journal in this game. As you progressed you would unlock more info regarding Lucid Dreaming. As well as having your completed levels documented like one would keep a dream journal. This way the game could also teach the facts of lucid dreaming to the gamer.

      * The game plot could consist of the villain (or group of villains) are actually from the dream world. You have to gain lucidity to fight them off/save the world. Meanwhile, the villains plot is to merge the dream world with the actual world, so they can rule both. The main character possesses the special gift of lucidity and is the link between the two worlds. So, while you are becoming lucid and fighting off the enemy, they are using you in their master plan and you don't realize it until late in the game.

      * There could be a mysterious old wizard who you meet during the dream world early in the game. He was once a lucid dreamer himself and saved the world in his youth (this could set up a sequel to the game that would be a prequel ). He is your Dream Guide and helps you with stuff throughout the game.

      * Also imagined the main character meeting recurring DCs during his adventures. They would start out as casual acquaintances. As the story progresses, you would become friends with several of them. The villains try to use these DCs to mess with the main character. They would taunt him about them not being real and not actually caring about their friendship/bond/etc, using copies of them to do evil, etc. Ultimately, you decide to protect them whether they are real or not.

      *As the game progresses you will learn new lucid abilities (improve dream control). A lucidity meter would determine what you are capable of. If the meter is low, many powerful dream control abilities won't work.

      just a few ideas....

      PS: This would be the main story line, and we could incorporate all the different techniques into the game. Like you guys suggested, sometimes you would perform WILDs, DILDs, DEILDs, etc. Due to the endless possibilities of lucid dreaming, you would need some sort of story line that could keep everything in check. I think shifting from the dream world to the real world, would help balance this out. As the game goes on, you notice the worlds beginning to merge. At first your character will be like, "wtf is going on?" and later figures out what is happening.
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    7. The Sandman's Avatar
      * Dream Skips could allow an extremely dynamic storyline, and the villain can follow the main character from vignette to vignette.

      * The main character can get a scare that doesn't really hurt, but may effect their lucidity or energy meter.

      A friend on DV had a dream with a native American theme. There were dark people in loin cloths and bison. She put up shields and took cover with various objects, but was trampled by the bison, yet she was OK. These mini stories can mess with the main character offering a scare that ultimately doesn't hurt the MC because it is a dream, but then meters can go down. Dream skip :: The MC is in a van with a prehistoric wild dog, but the MC is trying to get a sandwich. Another WTF moment. What is the goal? Do you really want a sandwich or is that a diversion from your main goal?

      Obviously bad things could happen to the MC, but dreams don't always work that way. You have to have the punch that never picks up any speed; the trying to get off the railroad track--but you just...can't...seem to get...off--yet you don't get beat up. The train never comes. The point is that you are having trouble.

      You wouldn't always have to conquer. A dream skip could get you out of a problem situation sometimes.

      * Tunnel Vision: Hey, I can't really see what's going on. There is a DC, but I never see them. I hear them, but they aren't with me. Other details can be blurry too.

      I know that won't make the game pop the way primary colors do, but it would be realistic once in a while.

      DC's can say the darndest things, and I would love to include some. Has anyone seen that thread? DC's Say the Darndest Things
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      Updated 03-24-2011 at 03:55 AM by The Sandman (Added link to DC's Sayay the Darndest Things)
    8. zark's Avatar
      I was just wondering what kind of battle system that will be used in this game. By the way I found a picture that I drew two summers ago from a dream I had. I think it could be an enemy for this game. Also I thought it would be cool if the dreams took place all over the world like a temple,city,or where ever.
      Updated 03-24-2011 at 04:02 AM by zark
    9. acnarm's Avatar
      I like the story line. Here's what i have in mind so far..

      You play as a character (who is the chosen one). The game begins directly in a battle scene where the villain (s) are attacking you. The character you play is running away but ends up at a dead end. The villain (s) reaches you and YOU try to attack them in self defence (but because in a dream you cannot fight/shout etc even if you try to) the same thing happens. You are not able to attack them. The villain (s) start laughing and one of them is about to attack when suddenly you wake up and realize it was just a dream. (this part is like the short movie, games normally have before they start off)

      (This part is when you get to play as the character and explore this strange environment)

      After realizing that it was all a dream the character is relieved and goes about his day however things seem strange. When he goes outside, it is dark and there is a sinister feel to it. There is no one around except him. (what im trying to get at is that the character is having a false awakening) The character has to find out what is happening etc etc and at some point suddenly, something evil comes out and attacks you. However unlike last time, this time the villain (s) causes a cut on your face at which point the character now wakes up for REAL.

      Your character thinks that everything was a dream but upon closer examination he finds that he has actually got a cut for real and from here the game starts and your character has to get to the bottom of this.

      This is what I have come up with as a beginning for the game at the moment. Tell me what you guys think
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    10. Shadow27's Avatar
      Idea, the villain could be some evil tyranical ruler of the dream world or you could have an
      evil guy in the dream world and a good king and the evil guy is trying to assume a position
      of power and his greed leads him to invade the waking world as well.
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    11. The Sandman's Avatar
      I would love to see a recurring childhood nightmare manifest in this game:

      When I was growing up, I lived in a house with a basement. To get in the basement, I had to open a wrought iron door. Through the door at the top of the steps were two clay masks from Mexico that looked like demons, though not ornate...just evil, hollow eyes and down-turned mouths.

      Down the stairs, there was a room to the left and a room to the right. The room to the right was the large play room. In my nightmare I would go into the large room to the right where my brother and I used to play.

      The room was very dark, but I could see a ring of ashes appear. Then the ashes would get red hot (see my new profile pic [not my avatar]. Then a demon would appear in the ring of ashes. Then he would reach out for me. He grabbed me and I turned and ran away.

      Up the stairs, he remained seated in the circle, but his arms stretched around turns to follow me up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, beyond the door, I was safe.

      The third time I had the nightmare, my brother was with me, two rings of ashes appeared. I told my brother to run and we both escaped. Two masks, two dream subjects, two demons.

      I can make a video of the ashes getting red hot. I'll just video them going cold and run it through an editor backwards. Maybe Shadow27 could turn that into a cartoon.

      Anyway, I would love to see this nightmare in the game.
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    12. Shadow27's Avatar
      I have another idea. What do you think about keeping track of our progress and making
      some occasional videos of us talking about the game ( in full professional dress of course )
      and how it started on a Lucid Dreaming forum and such and then when the game is all said
      and done, we can have a full video in an "extra's" menu called "The Making of Lucid" and we
      could have like interview / overview videos with some of the main people involved and such.
      We would also need someone with a good voice to do narration.
      Basically what I mean is something like this:
      YouTube - The Making of Kingdom Hearts pt 1 (PS2)
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    13. Oerath's Avatar
      I think having false-awakenings where some things are just a little different and having to figure out that you're still dreaming would be awesome. You could have a lucidity command that you use to recognize dream-signs, and when you recognize enough (or certain very strong ones) you can then become lucid and start using your powers. As you use powers your lucidity meter drains and you have to either recognize more dream signs or stop moving and take some time to stabilize to recharge your meter.
    14. sNov's Avatar
      A story suggestion, the main character would carry a dream journal of another person. While finding new "abilities" or just in need to learn about your enemies, you would simply check the notebook for entries. In the journal maybe pictures, ripped pages, which could be found during the game , to make the story deeper. Maybe little twist to make it a crazy persons dream journal, or ones who was going mad cause of the events in the dream.. maybe ?
      Updated 03-27-2011 at 10:50 AM by sNov
    15. MadMonkey's Avatar
      A long time before this project was started I had alread had the idea of making a game based on lucid dreaming that is very similar to this. I was going to do it on my own over the summer and I had a good idea on how most of the game mechanics would work for my game. Now I don't know if I should just forget doing mine on my own and completly merge with this one. Anyways here are some of the key features I had thought of.

      I think since the game is trying to also be educational about lucid dreaming we should try and make sure we try and keep from spreading misconceptions on dreaming and lucid dreaming. Also I'd think the game should have a since of freedom like the exilerating feeling you get in lucid dreams. That is why an openworld or sandbox like game would be great. There should be all kinds of awesome dream powers to have. It would be cool if you could unlock them as you go sort of like how we learn dream powers in real dreams. Maby there could be an XP system so you can choose what powers you want.

      In real dreams you are never in actualy in danger and a basicly invincible however we still need a since of danger and challenge or the gam wont be fun. Instead of health representing how much damage until you die we could have your health represent you dream stability. If you run out of health you wake up. Extra lives could be the number of times you can re enter the dream via DEILD. Then you would just pop back up at a check point. Also as you destabilize it could ad some interesting effects like the view getting fuzzy if you are really close to waking up. To regain stability you could maby do a rub your hands animation that stops you for a second and gives you back a little bit of stability and maby eating food too because that helps stabilize in real dreams. The could also be healing/stabilizing spells to unlock which would regain more stability.

      Another question we have to ask is who is the main character. Are we going to have a specific character or are we going to have a more personal character that the player can imagine as themselves.

      I really like the idea of a dream guide in the game. It could add alot to the story and they could work be the character that gives objectives and tells you what to do so you dont get lost.
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    16. zark's Avatar
      . I think having false-awakenings where some things are just a little different and having to figure out that you're still dreaming would be awesome. You could have a lucidity command that you use to recognize dream-signs, and when you recognize enough (or certain very strong ones) you can then become lucid and start using your powers. As you use powers your lucidity meter drains and you have to either recognize more dream signs or stop moving and take some time to stabilize to recharge your meter.
      I think you should do Reality Checks as well to become more lucid ,or to recharge the power meter. For the level system it should be levels of lucidity.
      Updated 03-28-2011 at 03:39 AM by zark
    17. CatsPajamas's Avatar
      Anyone else thinking giant owl as mode of transportation?
    18. CatsPajamas's Avatar
      I was also thinking, perhaps you could change the perspective of the character to different people, experiencing their nightmare. As well as meeting up later to fight the big nightmare terror entity if you guys are going with that.

      Just a concept you could work off of.

      Another thing, writers, you should all get skype and just sit down and do nothing but try to brainstorm ideas together. I do that with friends once in a while and in my experience it helps.
      Updated 03-30-2011 at 09:39 AM by CatsPajamas
    19. MistowBubbows's Avatar
      Through my post I'm going to refer to the protagonist as Prota, and the antagonist as Anta here are a few storyline ideas.

      First - When learning to lucid dream (at least for me) I started with a short lucid where I just realized I was dreaming and then woke up and then it progressed to me being able to control my dream fully from there. Prota should start with a short lucid and then progress to longer lucids through the levels. So level 1-1 would be a short tutorial level. Then 1-2 would introduce you to your first power or Anta. The game gets progressively longer and harder throughout these points. In between levels as well, I don't know if you want to have the Proto play outside of the dream. You could either A. Design a room for proto to stay in, save game, dream journal, ect. or B. Design cutscenes, similar to the ones in DCUO. These cutscenes are depicted in more of a comic book style and have a voice over narrator speaking about them. This would probably be easier to design than a full on cutscene in a 3D engine.

      Second - Anta should, throughout the game, gain some control over the real world. If Anta isn't prevalant in the real world at one point or another, the game won't really have any kind of point to finish. Prota could begin to notice some similarities between the real world and the dream world beginning at about 1/4 of the way through. Similar to the game Shadow of the Colossus. In this game you are killing giant colossi and with every one you kill your character changes a little bit. A patch of hair gets darker here, a horn starts to sprout from his head, he gets a shadowy aura. You could take this to the real world and introduce some of the creatures or other things into cutscenes in the real world. Another take on this subject, Anta is a real being from a different plane, or paralell universe. Anta doesn't feel satisfied with his situation there and decides he wants to have Prota's world as well. He uses the Dream World as a gateway to go from his world to ours. He could use the dreams of other people as gates into our world. The line between real and dream could also become grey throughout the game until at the end there isn't any kind of distinction between the two until the end of the game.

      Third - To the designers. How are you going to design the world and characters? In my opinion, the best games I have played have had a sort of stylized look to them rather than a realistic look. Take these games for example, World of Warcraft, Dragon Age II, and Valkyria Chronicles. These games all have a different look to them that really pulls them together. Rather than being a cartoon trying to look real, they are a cartoon trying to look their best. This look has a much better feel to it and makes the game look a lot more put together. Also, will this game be more like Kingdom Hearts where you are doing more of a hack and slash or more like Zelda where you are completing puzzles and occasionally fighting baddies?

      That's all my ideas for now. I hope you like them!
    20. CatsPajamas's Avatar
      Hmm. Idea. Perhaps we could have a character who is socially awkward, depressed, shy, stuff like that. They have to use lucid dreams to conquer their problems in the dream realm, which benefits them in real life.
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