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      My Third Lucid Dream!!

      Hey everyone, just wanted to share my first long lucid dream with you guys. My previous two were two wilds that occured in the same night, each averaging around 20 seconds. This one however lasted much longer. This was not a Wild but a DILD.

      It started out while I was in an airplane on my way to LAX. I knew this cause I had a ticket in my hand at the time. So I am flying along and these guys in a row about 10 rows in front of me stand up and start throwing swords at me. It was at this time that I first questioned this being reality. I thought to myself, how did they get all those frikin swords through security...Anyways after dodging a few more I had another thought...why did they single me out?? And then I realized...<<I must be dreaming>>!!! At this point somthing really wierd happened.. Everyone's clothes turned white, the airplane seats turned white...basically everything cloth or plastic ect changed to a tone of white. It was like those movies that show heaven as a place where everyone is dressed in white...anyways, moving on..Knowing that I was now in a dream I started to throw the swords back at my attackers and they turned all nice. I then decided to try and fly in my dream...by this I mean float off the ground since I was already "flying" in the plane. I jumped up...and came back down. This wasnt a very good attempt at flying. I then started to flap my arms and instead of me starting to fly the ground started to sink..creating the same effect. I looked around and saw all the guys with swords flapping their arms like I was, and then woke up.

      So overall this was a pretty wierd but cool first lucid dream.. I hope to have another soon and will increase the number of reality checks I do (currently 0) so that I might just have a couple more.

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      I've never had a lucid dream where I was flying, however, I have had dreams where I didn't know I was dreaming and I was able to control how high and where I wanted to go, those are the best dreams

      However, when I fly, I don't SOAR fast like superman. I float around like I'm in water, sometimes I lose control but then I somehow regain it. I don't know why the floor sank... that has never happened to me before. Anyways, good luck on more lucid dreams!


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