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      Question OBE or lucid dream

      I slept at 9:30 and woke up at 2:30 a.m. I left the bed and walked around the house for 5 mins.and went to bed. After a period of time , suddenly I felt myself wake up in dream and found myself floating / standing near the back of the bed (the room was still dark) but I cannot see my physical body . I ‘jumped’ onto the ‘floor’ and walked to the room door. I saw my ‘hand’ and it opened the ‘door’ and entered the dining room. I started the reality check and saw the digital clock but no light / digit was found on the digital clock . I passed the room of my son and saw him sleeping well. I tried to pass through the wall to my neighbour dining room and I did it! (I never go into my neighbour house physically) I found some furniture and decorations around the room but not so clear (since it was still dark) I then tried to jump and passed through the window and the images got unclear. Suddenly I 'sucked' back to physical body and open my physical eyes immediately.

      Question: Did I have lucid dream or out-of-body experience?

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      I havnt had an obe (yet) but iv read that you cant touch physical objects meaning you just float through them. This would mean you wouldnt be able to open the door with your hand. But its meant to be possible to start an OBE from inside a lucid dream so it could started after you opened the door since you said you started to pass through the walls.

      So my answer to your question, possibly both. lol


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