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      Odd way of Reality Checking

      Well, So far I've had at least 40 LDs in all but only about 2 I did the regular reality check. But the rest are all provoked in a different way. This way is to use impossible survival as my reality check, but believe you me, I didn't do these on purpose. For example, after watching the movie Blood Diamond and eating a bunch of candy it was sure I was going to have a dream, maybe not lucid, but a dream. I did, I was in my house and I had some African refugees hidden with me (I don't live in Africa) when suddenly the African Police burst my door (I'm still not in Africa) and they shoot everyone. Obviously I'm not dead but I was pretending so they wouldn't shoot, then I got up, they saw me and kept shooting me for at least 100 bullets from their AK-47s before I saw that this was a dream. This happens to me a lot (I die but I'm still alive and I start to LD). But this isn't the interesting part. The LD is usually short (20s), so I wake up at one in the morning, but I don't move at all, on purpose of course. If I don't even move my eyelids in about ten seconds i'll have a WILD which is much longer. One time I've done this three times in one night (with ten second intervals in between to think things through).

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      Yea, thats sounds like a DEILD: Dream Exit Initiated Lucid Dream.


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