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      Spinning into space

      I've had lucid dreams for several years now. At first, it was almost everyday where I would have a lucid dream until eventually the negative aspects came through such as being able to feel pain. So for a while they became less frequent, but last night I had a truly amazing lucid dream.

      I had been watching videos on youtube by David Wilcock about many topics such as The Montauk Project, 2012, altered states, etc. In one of these videos he was talking about OOBE's where he would try to fly to outer space, but would be blocked from doing so, which I also had experienced every time. I remember lucid dreams where I was probably literally flapping my arms in my bed, then ones where flight came completely mentally, but it was always nearly impossible to cross into outer space except for my first extraordinary lucid dream experience.

      So, last night, I became lucid within minutes of lying down, then instead of trying to "fly" into outer space, I simply started spinning at an overwhelming speed. The features of the environment around me became whirring beams of light and then eventually stars until I was on some planet with bright, luminous gaseous whirring all around me.

      The sight was phenomenal and then one of the most beautiful girls I know appeared and I got aroused and disappointedly woke up instantly.

      Argh, why does the prospect of sex with a woman you can't have in real life have to subdue the miraculous wonder of the cosmos?

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      This is very interesting. I can say I've had many of the same experiences and difficulties as you've had. I've always taken a great interest in space, and my idea of the perfect transcendental and awe inspiring lucid dream would have to take place nowhere else but there. However, I can never fly into space. My dream either fades or I never reach it. Only once has my dream taken place in space, and that, similarly, was the first lucid experience of my lifetime (and let me tell you, it was quite remarkable). I am glad to have found this thread, as maybe I can emulate your action of spinning rapidly in my dream and, hopefully, achieving what I have been trying to for quite some time now. I'm thinking that maybe I cannot reach space yet because I am not ready yet. Who knows?
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