Lucid dreaming first sparked my interest about a month ago, since then i've made a point to regularly perform reality checks and begin logging my dreams. At first my persistence didn't bear much fruit, except for a very hazy and almost nightmarish lucid experience that lasted about 6 seconds, but last night after napping at around 8p.m., i achieved my first prolonged and vivid lucid dream ever. Forgive the spastic insanity of my writing, i was typing furiously after having woken up just trying to get it all down before it vanished from my memory. Unfortunately many of the details have, in fact, disappeared seemingly without a trace, but the experience itself was enough to plaster a grin on my face for the rest of the night. Thanks for listening, and thanks for the support.

- First FULL Lucid. It started with me on top of this tree fort colony thing and Dianne (my step-mother) was giving some stern speech about something. I don’t honestly know what but it sounded very important based upon the tone of her voice. The speech wasn’t even to me it was from some distant assembly further down the tree. I was on a swing set and there were other people complaining about something and organizing possibly in protest, one man was arguing whether or not the tree I was swinging from belonged to him. All of this was very distant and vague, until finally for no apparent reason I decided to perform a reality check…sure enough I was dreaming!

I came to the full realization and immediately concentrated on hovering above my bed, where I now was, don’t ask how. After a second I started floating and was purely ecstatic. I then concentrated on calming down and maintaining control of the dream. When I felt thoroughly calm, I decided the first thing I wanted to do was just go talk to someone to see what this dream world was like, so I walked out of the room quickly and my two sisters were there with a random friend I’d never met.

I said something along the lines of “Hey, you know I’m dreaming you right now? Isn’t that weird?” I honestly don’t recall what their response was, I was just so caught up in the moment. It was here that things began to go a bit strangely. Everything went black, so I kind of went with it, and woke up in my bed again, performed a reality check, and was still dreaming (FA number 1).

I got out of bed and flew away down to the street below and it was very hazy and surreal, I saw blockbuster in the distance but I decided to stray away from it (i used to work there, in fact recently quit). Once again for some reason I lost control and woke up in my bed once more. Once I willed my body up and eyes open, I checked once again…still dreaming (FA number 2).

I remembered having read that spinning during dreams helps to improve the sensual vividness of a dream, so I spun and I was surprised at how well it worked, at least temporarily. I also realized here that next time I’d probably be waking up for real, so I decided to call upon the hottest girl I could think of. I thought to myself, “Shyla’s waiting for me under the bed, isn‘t she?” I called out for her, crawled to the edge of my bed, stuck my head over the side and peered underneath. Sure enough, there she was, sprawled seductively under the bed.
I beckoned her up and we fooled around for a short time, but I guess I got lost in the act and forgot I was dreaming, but i do recall it being very real, surprisingly real. Somewhere around here my eyes shot open in my bed, and I looked at my hands…everything was normal, I’d woken up having accomplished an admirable first dream, catapaulting me to the ranks of the oneironauts.