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    Thread: WILD or DILD?

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      WILD or DILD?

      Just wanting to clear up which it was for my count.

      I woke up in the middle of the night like I normally do. I counted backwards from a hundred but I'm pretty sure I fell asleep.

      When I became "conscious" it was like everything was black and the dream formed like I was looking through a peep hole. I was thinking "this is it I'm about to have a lucid". I thought about the lucid task of the month (the basic one of eating something inedible) as I watched the scene get bigger through the "peep hole". The scene basically grew... hard to describe.

      The thing is, I didn't go directly from counting backwards to having this dream grow out. I'm pretty sure I was asleep and became conscious while everything was black.

      So is that WILD or DILD? Or something else?

      Sorry if this is too hard to understand... it is hard to describe... anyone else have experiences like this?

      It actually happened twice last night... that the dream developed out of blackness after being asleep and I watched the scene grow.
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      I think this was WILD. It sounds similar to what happens to me often when I WILD. I lose consciousness as I fall asleep but as soon as I start to see a dream I become aware again. I think the visual triggers my awareness and then I can remember that I was falling asleep and only saw black a moment ago.


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