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    Thread: Woo! Two WILDS

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      Woo! Two WILDS

      I wasn't really trying to do a WILD and in fact I haven't been concentrating on having Lucid dreams, other than hoping to have one every night of course

      It all started because I was having some trouble falling asleep, so I kept thinking of ways to fall asleep fast. I was laying in bed thinking and I just thought breathing really slow would help and of course not moving, only rarely though to get out of an uncomfortable position, like adjusting my arms or legs. So there I was breathing slow not moving and trying to keep my mind clear and then all of the sudden I'm in a Lucid dream, it was awesome too. Then after it was done I awoke but I didn't open my eyes and didn't move at all, I just kept thinking about the Lucid dream I had and at the time I didn't know it was a WILD because I thought hours passed or something.. anyways, as I was thinking about the Lucid I just had I snapped back into the Lucid world but not in the same setting but then about a minute later I awoke and looked at the clock, it was 1am and I went to sleep around 12:30am.

      Not sure if you consider that two WILDs, but I do!
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      WILD x2
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      Details man, what were the dreams!

      Oh, and congrats

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      You were having trouble trying to sleep, then WILDed, woke up then WILDed again, woke up 30 min later. Woww, you are talented I mean last night I had trouble sleeping. I fell a sleep nearly 1.5 hours later
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