My Mom had a lucid dream last night!

Today I decided to keep a tally on the back of my hand of how many times i asked myself if i'm dreaming or not. I have never done this before, actually tallied them up on my hand.

I asked myself 49 times today "Am I dreaming?" proceeded to look at my hands and answered myself, "No, I am not dreaming."

and CHECK THIS. I spent about 45 mins reading this site and then registering last night. Here I am signing back on and my mom comes up to tell me, she had a lucid dream last night!

How awesome is that!?!!! I don't know how that can be explained, maybe ESP or something, like she was picking up on my studying and contemplation of dreaming and lucid dreams? Idk!

SHe told me her dream and said when she finally realized she was dreaming she said "Wait, I must be dreaming!" then she proceeded to use the tactic I use to fully induce lucidity when i figure out I'm dreaming, and that is looking at the palm of my hands to re-affrim. SHe told me when she told her self she must be dreaming, she thought "Oh wait, Bonafide Oneironaut told me to look at my hands if this ever happens." and WAHLA! It worked like a charm

I was so excited and happy for her.

I can tell me registering for this sight is going to serve me in tremendous ways I am so grateful