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      Really Epic Lucid Last Night

      I've been trying CAT lately, and this is apparently the result.

      1- Manhunt
      I am in a classroom, about to recieve my report card. I am very nervouls because I fear I may have made a bad grade. My English teacher (who wasn't even the teacher of the class I was in) turns into an evil version of Titania, and is determined to kill me. (I'm going to assume that she was getting revenge for what I did to her in "Royal Mishap," a dream I had previously.)

      After fighting her several times already, I end up in some odd place with my old girl scout troop from when I was younger. The Queen once again attacks me, and I am forced to ward off her attempts. I believe Loki, or possibly one of the Olympians (or maybe both) are in involved in this part, somehow. One of the Queen's many creatures ends up growing fond of me, and when she issues it to attack it turns on her. They all temporarily disappear to sort this out.

      I now have time to enjoy myself. I notice a table set up with little wax figures, portraying characters from 'A Midsummer Night's Dream.' I pick one that shows Titania and Oberon, and decide to buy it. Underneath the price (which is $16.95) is an inscription that says "Tibertania and Oberon." I wonder why it is misspelled this way, but quickly put it out of my mind.

      Somehow, after more battles, I end up on my front porch. Titania appears yet again. I take off down the road, suddenly lucid. I hear a werewolf howl nearby and I howl back, hoping to entreat its help. (Since the Queen and her minions are still on my tail.)

      I run down the road with super speed, feeling invinceable. I briefly consider going by Shelby and Taylor's house to assist me, yet I quickly decide that I'd rather be on my own for once. I am now off the road and at this farm area that looks similar to a place I've seen in a previous dream. I think about dream mapping, but I don't have time to give this much thought due to the fact that I'm currently escaping an enraged Faery Queen.

      I go off into the woods near this old cabin, when I am suddenly accosted by some sort of stout ogre-goblin thing and knocked to the ground. Before I can get up, a strange little lepruchaun man appears and roughly hits the underside of my shoe with a stick, causing pieces to fall off. "Hey!" I exclaim in annoyance.

      "Green soles, goblin's gold!" he replies cheerily, gathering the pieces of my shoe. I find this amusing and try to keep the phrase in my memory so that I could write it down upon awakening.

      I still have to face the stupid ogre, though. Eventually I end up scaring it off.

      After I finally get the Queen off my tail, this man who looks like a cross between Voldemort (from Harry Potter) and Delacoix (from a game called Chaos Legion) now has some grudge against me. I am still in the forest near a rocky outcropping. While "Voldecoix" (as I dubbed him upon awakening) is reading the charges against me, all of these odd creatures are slowly advancing. I really want to stay and listen to the charges, but quickly decide that the best option is to fight my way out of here.

      I fly onto one of the large rocks, and from there I fly to a taller one. Two dwarves that look like they stepped right out of Narnia climb onto the rock with me. The first one is extremely easy to kill: I effortlessly kick him to the ground, where he dies on impact. However, the second is a highly feared assassin, and he is not so easily subdued. (He has a giant battle axe...) I finally manage to kick him down, though he very nearly drags me down with him.

      I now fly through the trees in no particular hurry, confident that none of them can reach me. However, after I am in the air for a while I slowly begin to sink, and one of them knocks me to the ground. "Ha-ha! How're ya gonna get away now, missy!?" Giving the dwarf who said this an annoyed glare, I shoot off into the air again and end up at my house.

      I have evaded the mythical creatures, but now an angry mob of humans is after me. "What'd I ever to to you???" I complain while dodging their attacks and attempting to flee.

      "If we don't kill you, then we'll all die!" One of them shouts. I decide to stay in the role of the character they apparently think I am.

      "Why will you die?" I ask. Even though I already know the answer, I decide that my "character" wouldn't have figured it out yet.

      "Voldecoix says he'll kill everybody if your head isn't brought to him. Besides, it wold also be nice to get our hands on that reward money..."

      I flee down the gravel road behind my house, leaping over fences and buying myself some time. I now decide I could use a little help, so I summon a random girl about my age.

      "It looks like you're in a bit of trouble," she says, seemingly unphased by the angry mob growing ever closer.

      "Yeah... Have any ideas?" My voice is just as fearless as hers.

      She thinks for a moment. "Maybe its like how a country boy is afraid of the city." I understand what she means, and we merely step off the road into an open field.

      The mob stops dead in their tracks, groaning in disappointment. They are too afraid of the field to come any closer. I watch them walk dejectedly away from us.

      I lose lucidity as we begin to discuss the origin of the name "Sesshomaru." Even though I know IRL that it's Japanese, I conclude in the dream that it must be a Greek name and that he was one of the Greek gods. The girl says, "That makes sense. My mom is sort of in love with Sesshomaru." Shortly afterwards I wake up.
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      All I can say is WOW! That would of been great
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      Wow, this LD sounds like something you'd read straight out of an awesome story book! Awesome Lucid!
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      I'm jealous... LOL nice dream
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