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      did i wild? and i would like some tips thanks

      hey everyone, hope you had lucid experiences last did cause i did!

      but the way it came around was very strange indeed, i was using my eilds-2 technique when i blacked out for a second or two, maybe longer i cant be so sure.
      but when i came back around i continued doing the tech, and willed to leave the restraints my body, and i rose out of my *body*, i could feel this happening yet i couldn't see anything, i then felt as if i was just floating in mid air, then i came down to the ground, just standing there.
      what was odd about this, i could still feel the sensation of my closed eyes but i still couldn't see a damn thing, i felt i could still open my real eyes if i chose to, which was a odd sensation being in a dreaming state/obe and still being some what still grounded in the real world, i willed for my dreaming eyes to open.
      i did this, until i could see the surroundings.
      but even when i could see the dream world, i still felt my real eyes and the ability to open them if i wanted to.
      the further i got away from my bedroom, the sensation of my earthly eyes slowly faded away untill i was fully grounded in the dream/obe realm...
      i never have wilded off the bat befor this, i have used dream reentry method many times befor this, i would like your input on this thanks...

      now i have a few problems when it comes to lucid dreaming, and i hope someone can direct me to overcoming these problems! i hope!
      i have a problem with my lucid realms being in complete darkness, its just about always nighttime in my lucid dreams, maybe cause its nighttime when i have them? i really hate this, cause its hard to see anything at all really once i leave my dreaming home, just strange and a little spooky, its as if my lucids arent as vivid as they could be, please help me with this problem, i wish to experience worlds of light and wonder, not realms of darkness and fog.

      a other problem i have, is controling dream characters. just how do you control them? cause there starting to piss me the fuck off not doing what i wish or want! isnt this the purpose of lucid dreaming? doing whatever you want and experienceing the impossible! help!

      ill ask one more question that i am having problems with, it is authority figures in my lucid dreams, like police and security guards and the like.
      i walked into a pub like place once in a lucid and saw a hotish girl, i thought ill go talk to her, next thing i know im surrounded by security guards asking if theres a problem here!, i was lost for words... i dont wanna revert back to my
      evil ways and kill whoever gets in my way, but it seems i might have to, or is there a other way to deal with these authority figures in lucid dreams?

      thanks guys, many lucids to ya

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      well, even though you didnt experience hypnagogic imagery I'd say yes, since ou knew straight away you were dreaming right?

      about the DC's- try to imagine they are bots from a computer game and u have all the cheat codes, or that you are master yoda and can use "the force" to make them go away, or simply that you can control their minds, since you can and are all powerful. Your troubles arise just from your expectation of trouble, worry tha something might go wrong, instead of worrying try to treat it like a big joke or like you are neo in the matrix and can do whatever.
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