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    Thread: first LD :D

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      first LD :D

      well i've been rather intrested in dreaming and the control of dreaming, etc. when i was younger, in the earlier portions of junio high, i used to take dream journals at some attempt to gain insight as to what was going on in my mind. regardless, i read about lucid dreaming and was totally fascinated by it. it took months to finally obtain lucidity, but the wait was definately worth it.

      It it finally occured last night.

      I was at the superbowl- nothing would have indicated it so, but i knew anyway. Without a reality check, i somehow realized i was in a dream. This took no skill or process- i was lucky, it struck (i had been reading about them earlier, perhaps it was resurfacing in my dream. some info from that day)
      I immediately lifted my fist up in the air (knowing prior, that one of my main goals was to fly) and bolted up into the sky, fully lucid- aware that i was dreaming, and incredibly happy. There was raging rain and stormy weather, and i was bieng soaked. i loved it though. I could feel the air moving through my shirt- ruffling through my hair. I remember seeing an image that i had seen from a friends roof (i live in Los Angeles) and it was present in my dream. The airport was in the distance and i remember bieng afraid that i was going to cross one of the approaching planes paths. I wanted to go faster, and i pushed my fist forward again. i went super-sonic, my entire body experienced a strange sensation- so incredibly real- as if i was bieng copressed and pulled out longer and longer. The air was rushing past me in visible waves, and the land was a green and gray blur. I wanted to take it further, and i bolted into space, leaving behind the storm for pure serene space. at this point, i began to loose some control of the dream- to the extent that my surroundings began to change more rapidly- the planets flashed past me- saturn and venus, not in order or anything. then random spheres, and some other cool stuff. i saw some satellites and remember wondering how long they had been out here. i cant remember the rest, but i recall bieng jolted out of bed, so incredibly dissapointed that school was ready to steal me from one of the most amazing experiences ive ever had.

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      Nice and congrats on the first LD!!!!! Glad you got to do something fun, in my first LD I tried to fly, but, the dream ended before I could even leave the washroom
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