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      Talking Awesome Ld

      w00t 5th LD

      I am looking out of a window at a large desert,and I tell myself that I'd always imagined being in a lucid dream where a desert is the scene.


      I seem to be on the sand barge from that star wars film. I look around and see aliens with fly heads picking up guns next to me. http://media.comicvine.com/uploads/0...12_o_super.jpg = image courtesy of Dr Who. I am suddenly lifte up to the roof of the barge where an extremely tall fly dude with a brown robe is swinging a double ended magic staff from side to side. He tells me to brace myself, and at first I think it is a joke about the braces I got the other day, but I realised it wasn't when I was thrown down to the sand. I put my hand down to press myself up and it went straight through the sand until it hit some sort of spike, I pulled my hand out of the sand qickly and proceeded to stand up. I felt the ground rumble, and then suddenly a whole hord of strange spider things began to appear, and jump onto the barge. They were mostly shot dead but some jumped onto the fly dudes and chewed them open. I run back to the barge and ask to get back on, but this large bouncer tells me I cannot get up there because too many people are up there (sort of like the titanic ) I scream at the bouncer that we'll all die if we dont go there........ and he punches me straight in the face.

      The next thing I know I wake up on the floor of the desert without the barge in sight and my friend Sean along with this asian girl are sitting nex to me. This guy wearing a cloak comes up to us and tells us to follow him. Alot of stuff that I can't remember happens after that, and we somehow end up inside a futuristic shopping mall. Sean tells me he's going to check out the ventilation system and turns into a robotic spider before jumping into a vent () I remember thinking that I could turn into a headcrab at that point but decided not to follow him. I see a huge load of interwined tubes behind a glass wall, and stare at them for a moment before I continue. I see Sean up ahead at a burger bar and run to meet him.

      I wake up


      Can UB funkey?

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      congrats on the lucid.

      i laughed when i clicked the link haha. I think your subconscious has a fetish for bugs.


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