Had my 3rd LD last night which after thinking about it was really an FA to start with. It was over all too soon of course and I didn't do much but here's how it began.

Started out as a non lucid dream where I'm lying in bed but can hear some sort of rock music playing in the background, it sounded a bit like either Whitesnake or Led Zeppelin. While I'm wondering where this music is coming from I can hear my parents get up out of bed and go downstairs to investigate it. It was either coming from downstairs or across the street almost like someone had a loud stereo blaring in their car.

I think to myself, "Oh well, I guess I'd best get up too now that I'm awake" and I sit on the side on my bed and put my slippers on.
At this point I can hear a fluttering noise to my right and as I look around to see what it is I notice that it's a pigeon in my room near the window

I'm already a little curious to how it got in my room as there's no chimney leading to my room nor is the window open. Just then, another thing caught my eye in the same area, it looked like a moth or something similar flying towards me and I try and swat it away with my hands but somehow I manage to grab it and clasp it in my hand. I then open my hand and realise that it's not a moth at all, but a chequered Dart Flight which is made out of shiny plastic! Bingo! I'm instantly lucid at this point and do the nose-pinch RC and have that great feeling of air rushing up my nose

I look around briefly at my room and am amazed that it looks virtually identical to my room in waking life! Fantastic vibrant colours are everywhere
I look, even my wallpaper is a dreamview blue, lol, but in reality it's a pale sky blue.

I then think about stabilizing the dream and focus on the embossed pattern on my wallpaper and then bring my arms down to my sides and grab hold of my bedsheets to feel the sensations there.That felt real too and the wallpaper did indeed increase in clarity, but that's where I lost touch with what I should be doing. I wasn't moving my head enough and kept marvelling at how the wallpaper could seem a bit blurry one second and the next as clear as day. About 3 - 5 seconds after that my dream faded

Ok, not a great start and I obviously got distracted and got sucked into the detail of everything rather than moving somewhere, but next time I'm sure I'm going to at least leave my room!