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      Smile First Lucid with successful dream control!

      I FINALLY was able to summon something while lucid!

      here it is, directly from my journal.

      May 5th, 2009; 10:00 to 10:25 AM

      Title: I ACTUALLY MET A SECRETARY BIRD!!! <for me></for me>
      Lucid: Absolutely YES!
      Themes: Hacked Macintosh SE/30, my neighbor, Secretary Bird!
      TGMG: played on the hacked SE/30
      Fragmented: No

      Prologue: i went to bed at 10 am, wanting to have a lucid dream. i actually had more than this, this being the end of the dream, but i was too lazy to write it all down.
      I wanted to see a secretary bird in my dreams for so long.

      So, i had a false awakening. i am laying in my bed, where i see the SE/30 from my dream.

      i am like "that's not right. reality check!". i pinch my nose, and i can still breath! i am dreaming! so, i get out of my bed, and i say "i am dreaming! i understand that i am dreaming and still in my bed!". i point over to the couch, and say "i am really there!". then, i look at the SE/30, and say "That doesn't exist. i will turn it on.". so i flip the power switch, and it makes the chime and the screen turns on!. then, i am like "I am going to go see a Secretary Bird!". then, i walk into the hallway, and i say "there will be a secretary bird in the basement, down there!", and point down to the basement. i then walk down the stairs, turn to see the main room, and there it is! it doesn't look like a secretary bird, but i figure it's a dream, so whateva. the bird's like 7 feet tall!

      i then go over to hug the huge bird, and he tries to stop me. i get my arms around him, and start to hug him. i am like "I LOVE YOU, secretary bird!. I LOVE YOU!". i am hanging off of him now, as my feet are not touching the ground. i say that i love him several more times, before the dream fades, and i
      wake up.

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      Wow must say that was quick and eventful
      well done
      I liked the bit about making the bird appear
      i got that on my second lucid to make a draw pull out..
      not the same but similiar i suppose....
      not really like but o well lol.
      Lucid dreaming... harder than it looks.

      Spoiler for wanna read?:

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      Lol thats awesome!

      Sounds like the commanding point of your fingers work a charm saweeeeeeet!



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