Hey everyone, I'm a week-old forum-reader, first-time poster, and first-time LD'er! I had my first LD, after about a week or two of trying, on the 17th, in the early morning. I know it was in the morning because I was with a friend at the time. This is the recount:

I was carrying a tin can lid to the big bins outside my house, when suddenly, with no triggers or anything, I realised I was dreaming.

I felt quite excited, given that it was my first lucid dream. Everything was sharper, and I felt light-headed. I walked up the driveway to the front of the house, and as I felt light and kind of buoyant, I leant backwards, Matrix-style to see what would happen. I levitated a little bit off the ground, lying on my back, which was cool. I then decided to do some reality checks. I went up a bit so I could see my reflection in the window of the house, and I held my nose. I could breathe through it, and also, when I looked at my reflection, I had a small set of nostrils inside my normal ones.

Strange.... Then I looked at my hand, and I had about ten fingers on the one hand, growing and changing as I watched. I then decided to do something, so I went to the end of the driveway and willed some flowers to grow through the cracks in the concrete. A dandelion grew, time-lapse style, and the bud kept growing until it was as big as a pillow, and deep red. I tried to blow the little white things off, but it didnít work.

I went around the driveway again and willed my cat, Foss, to appear. I looked away and looked back, and she was lying there. She looked realistic and acted like herself, so I picked her up, and suddenly I was in my lounge room. The dream started to get unstable, and it broke apart.