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      Im not sure if this was a Lucid Dream

      Im not really sure if this was a lucid dream, it almost felt like i had a dream about lucid dreaming but anyway

      -All i remember is i was on some kind of tiny village with small houses kind of like a village you would make in the game Age of Mythology (idk if you played it) but i dont remember too well. I then remember pinching my nose and i could breathe through it. I dont remember getting excited or anything all i remember after that was jumping like 200 feet in the air because i always wanted to fly in a LD

      I didnt wake up right after this though. When i woke up it was near the morning and it felt like this happened around 1am and when i woke up it was around 6. I was also staying over at a cousins house so I didnt have my DJ with me so I might have forgotten bits of the dream but I know even when i woke up it felt like it all happened a long time ago so i didnt remember much anyway.

      Even though I pinched my nose and could breath through it, it felt like i only half believed i was lucid dreaming so idk if it counts. It was a really weird experience all together and i didnt think it felt like a lucid dream should feel if you understand that.

      BTW this would be my first LD if it even is one.
      any comments on this?
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