I am so happy! I had set aside a task for myself, at the end of last year, and finally acheived it !!

I had decided, that once I was lucid, I would look above me and touch whatever was there (paying attention to detail). I would note its color, texture, and tempurature. I did it.

I had written the following in my dream journal, but wanted to share it in this forum for 2 reasons. I am very excited and if what I did to help myself gain lucidity might help someone else, then here it is ! I am also curious if others become tired when they are concentrating on keeping lucidity?

(Prior to this, I had a dream within a dream. I had falsely awoken and told someone that I had just dreamed of them and I knew I dreamed of them because I remembered their big bushy eyebrows. He stated he remembered dreaming of me because of my right jaw.

Then my dog woke me up. I realize he is the reason why I am not remembering my dreams, he doesn't let me sleep in...lol! Anyway, after letting him outside, I kept him out of the bedroom and fell back asleep.

One more note before I go into the dream, I had discussed this forum with a co-worker yesterday and talked about triggers.)


I was hovering down the edge of a park. I didn't want to hit any birds, so I slowed down and made other people do the same (so the birds wouldn't be killed).

Then I decided to get out of everyones way and floated higher. I noticed that this seemed really easy and started to think I might be in a dream. Then, I noticed kids floating and it seemed the whole world dynamic was altering...

I ended up in a building of sorts and concentrated on keeping my lucidity. I remembered my task and so:

I looked up and floated to the ceiling. I touched it and it was bumpy (popcorn ceiling). It was whitish and neutral in tempurature. Then I noticed a frame next to it. It was a gold shiny frame. Inside, there was textured whitish carving and attached to it was something that appeared to be fungus-like. I touched it and it came apart in my hands to reveal they were DIAMONDS. Diamonds were being formed from the children floating! The energy they were using was forming them.

Then I began to explore the complex. I began to get tired. I didn't realize that being lucid for a long time would do that! So, I let myself go "back to sleep". Then I woke up and came straight here! Soo happy!!