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      Woo hoo! I finally did it!

      I joined this site a year ago, but was only active for a little while before just sort of getting distracted by life. I have had lucid dreams in the past, but only a couple and it was before I knew what LDs were or that it even was a "thing". So, I've been back into it for a little while now and really trying to stick with it. I was starting to feel a little discouraged because it just wasn't happening and then -- last night -- I had my first LD while trying, if you know what I mean!

      I was with my mom and sister and we were on a trip. We had to stop to pay a toll for a bridge. We paid and this gate went up. On the other side of the gate was the road, but it was just suspended in the air, like a ribbon, between these mountains. I was driving (my mom's van, which I hate to drive IRL) and I thought, "Um, I do NOT want to drive on that."

      And then, it happened. I literally thought, "HEY! This is a DREAM!" And I was lucid! Woo! I was so excited. I was suddenly "myself" -- I mean, I felt like myself. I bet those of you who are experienced LDers know what I mean -- it was like suddenly my whole mind was working. It was so beautiful -- the colors of the sky (it was sunset), the mountains, and I just floated right out of the van and was flying WAY up in the air! I was sort of stuck, then. I thought, "WHAT DO I DO?? WHAT DO I DO?? Oh, yeah, reality check!" But, I was so excited I woke up.

      When I woke, I still had that excited, happy feeling -- very intense. It was really, really cool and I am just so excited that it finally worked. I've been trying MILD, BTW and had woken up at 4 after about 5 hours of sleep. I had this LD at around 7, because when I woke up, that's what time it was.

      So, I'm excited and just have to thank everyone here for gathering all this great info together and having a place to share this. It's such a big deal to me.

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      I'm so excited for you! Sounds like a really cool dream.

      I'm sort of in the same boat as you..I had lots of LDs in the past but sort of got out of practice until I found this forum, then I was frustrated in all my attempts for a week or two, but now the practice is paying off!

      Looking forward to hearing more..


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