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      Smile So, I just had about half a dozen LDs this morning

      Anyone ever remember that many LDs in one night? Sometimes I just get lucky like that because I wake up after one, then fall back asleep, and a pattern like that. Once in there I think I had a FA, but then I "fell back to sleep". So, I beleive that most of them were WILD ones. I would like to share some of my highlights.

      In my first (which I didn't count), I think that a witch was after me and I woke up or something. Then, I was in a random room and was lucid and walked up to the living room. It was empty, so I snapped my fingers to get some DCs in there, and I snapped my fingers again to get some music goin , but that was the end of that dream.

      In the next one, I was in that same house and I went outside and snapped my fingers for more DCs. They were sims... then I tried the task of the month and it didn't work. In both of these, it was night.

      In another I was out in nature, and completed the task of the month sucessfully.

      In another, there was a giant, but I wasn't that scared of him. I thought him smaller, but it didn't work, so I went up to his head and gently pushed down on it, and he shrunk to normal size!

      The best one as far as I beleive:

      I was in this random tiny, messy room, and this was my last LD, so I wanted to do something different. So, I found an eye mask, and asked this DC who was in there (the only other person besides me), and asked him to take something out of the mask, another mask came out, and he kept taking out a new mask out of the next one. Then I put my hand in the last one he pulled out, and felt a bunch more eye masks, like they kept coming, on and on. But then, eventually, some marbles came out, and I woke up.
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      the most I ever get is 2 in 1 night. This always happens on a weekend. Same thing, I wake up at like 5:30 write it down. Go to sleep, wake up at 7:00 from another.


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