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    LDS's Confusing Dreams of Oddness

    So, my dreams can be rather confusing, as well as odd! Stick around if you wanna read odd dreams. I think I do pretty good with un-muddling my mind in a sense through my descriptions of my dreams . Also, expect some dreams of sims .

    1. Traveling

      by , 02-16-2013 at 11:20 PM (LDS's Confusing Dreams of Oddness)
      Before I was lucid... This dream was confusing. Or, at least, I don't remember it well.

      I was in some house- it may have been a large apartment- and for aome reason, a bunch of people were coming inside. Like, they're all family, but this isn't my family. I became lucid for pretty much no reason. I was away from all the comotion, looking out the window. There was this midget (three feet tall?) next to me. He was old. For some reason, he wanted to come with me to do my lucid thing. I asked why that is necessary since he isn't real. But oh well, he came with me anyway, though I didn't think of him again. I started just flying, I was pretty low to the ground. Like, ten feet. While I was traveling, I wasn't paying much attention to the scenery (and I should....), but it ws mostly country. Like, there were random people, but everywhere was very unpopulated. Now and then I passed a house.

      At one point, I see something near the road I am flying over (yeah, I was only flying over a road the whole time...). It was, like, a foat man, sort of like from Narnia. His head was down, but then it was raised. It was my dad... I saw crude versions pf my mom and sister too along with what was supposed to look like our house.

      At one point, i decide that 'f,ying isn't fast enough'. So, i come up with this other way to move faster, though I didn't think it would work. And it did, even though I doubted it... My tush was on the ground, and I kind of sledded on the road....really fast, even though there was no incline.

      Eventually,I decide that I am done flying, so I catch up with this DC. I am in a place that is kinda the edge of a city, though i only saw one building, it was like an appartment building. I only see one DC, and he looks creepy, but I talk to him anyway. I start walking with him, and ask him a question. The dream wasn't vivid enough to understand him. Asking twice didn't help.
    2. Kill the Beast!

      by , 02-16-2013 at 05:56 PM (LDS's Confusing Dreams of Oddness)
      This dream is a little confusing, since it skipped scenes a lot... So.

      I am walking in this 'beast's' lair with some other people. To get to him we have to walk on these stones or something in the lair. But I have this ability where I can wake up before something gets creepy... So, I did. Except this was a FA. I end up in a bedroom, on the ground in a sleeping bag. There are other people there too. It looks like a combo of my and my sister's room from our old house.

      That didn't last long, and now I am back in the world with the beast. I am near some people, and this is where I become lucid. For some reason, I know that all of the DC's in this world do the same thing everyday, like it is programmed into them.

      Since I am lucid, I decide that I can help that. But I decide to take a box of raisins, and I ask something to this DC (which made me happy since I was getting him out of his rut...). Then, I see this little bit of deep water in the ground. Well, it is more like I am on a pier, so there is a square hole in the pier. The water is a dirty tan color,but I dunk my raisin box into the water anyway. It gills to the top of the box. Now the raisins can grow....

      So now, I think, I might as well make a DC army to help kill the beast. I certainly don't want to kill it myself .

      The few people I had just saw before are now following me. I am now walking down this large staircase. It is surrounded by glass walls.

      Without consciously thinking about it,a bunch of people, my army, are following me. Probably about fifty people. About halfway down the staircase, I am facing this cute guy, so I kiss him, but we are still walking. Now, for some reason, I am wearing my ugly red work polo shirt... And I decide to lift it up, and it is held in between my arms. This has nothing to do with my boobs, BTW (though I am not wearing a bra, I notice, since bras are stupid), I just wanted the cute guy to be interested in my back. It is rather curvy... (My back curves in). So, being that this is a lucid, he of course mentions it. He asks why I have my shirt up, I tell him,and then I know that he is admiring it xD.

      So, now the scene has skipped, and we are in the beast's lair. It is dark, of course. I know the room is rather big, but we are all only in one part of the lair. The beast is standing at the side, surrounded by my fighters. It is like he is in a section that no one can pass, even him... Like, it is a slightly darker color in the floor or something?

      Since I don't play video games, the beast looks very unimaginative. Instead of looking like a hairy beast or something, he is just a big man. Like, a linebacker or something.

      Someone tries to shoot awith gun at him, but misses. The 'bullet' i see on the ground on the point of no return. It has two parts to it, whcih I can't really desribe. But it doesnt look like a bullet xD. I 'know' that the bullet has already been shot so it wouldn't worm again. But, i give it to the man with the gun anyway. I told him that I know this usually wouldn't work again, but since I am dreaming, I will.

      Before anything ekse happens, I wake up but it is a FA. While I have been beginning to do Rc's again, I didn't. Which makes sense. I woke up in the lair, but I 'know' that it is a different place. My head had been resting on this table. It was a really long wooden table, kinda renascenceish looking. There were other people sitting on the table too. Like a dozen. I wanted to keep my eyes closed (which I obviosuly didn't do, but I thought I did), because I wanted to DEiLD. Yeah, I thought to DEIlD even in a dream xD.

      But I couldn't, because this annoying woman was pestering me that I owed her five dollars from an overdue rental video. I pay her, and I see the two black people that I did initially in my last dream (I think it was supposed to be a third world place. Blame sociology for making mw feel so bad for them..). Another woman said she was going to give them a job, bringing them ti her home or something. I said, you can't make them slaves! But apparently she was going to pay them good money. (There is my idealist self, I suppose!). And then I woke up.
    3. Hobo town hotel...

      by , 02-10-2013 at 09:15 PM (LDS's Confusing Dreams of Oddness)
      So, at first I was in the car with my family, and we were driving through a hobo town... This is not what you think. N residential houses in sight, all the buildings are run down and still working. Now I'm walking alone on the sidewalk and there are about a hundred people sitting/standing doing nothing...

      There are two black guys in front of me. They're wearing sweatpants. One is wearing gray ones the other dark blue... They're wearing football Jerseys. They pass by a friend and,ask if he can lend any money. He says he only has sixth cents and gives it to them...

      Now, I'm in a hotel lying on a bed. There are two guys o the bed with me, and we are clothed and everyone... They start saying the they each want to kiss me . but I realize my lips are dry, so I put on some Chapstick from my pocket. It's peppermint. I tell them so.

      This is a corny dream... I only want to be with one of them...the next thing I know, I'm awake, since I was apparently asleep. The one I didn't want had his arms wrapped around me very tightly. I plucked him off and I notice my cat is clung to me also... I pull her off too.

      I start to find the initial guy, but first I pass a few rooms wit other guys that wanted me too... No... I find him, and apparently I had done something wrong. He apparently doesn't want sex, and he doesn't want to lead me on.

      But I say, "if someone has only half walked in their life, they will want to truly walk. But if you've never walked in your life, you'd be,fine with just half walking..."

      If you think about it, that makes perfect sense!

      So he accepts it, and were back in his room. We each pull a pillow over and out it under a table. I lay down, but we hear the door open, and a black guy peers in at us. Apparently the guardian or something...

      So, in the room there are a bunch of small blow up balls at the side... So we start throwing them to each other, as if we weren't about to do something.

      I start cracking up at the ball, mostly to get the guy to believe we weren't just doing something. At one point, one of the balls says, '30,60,90* (degrees), and I laugh at that. This is a genuine laugh... They join in, he leaves, and before we do anything, I wake up... In a strange position. Grr...
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    4. You need to be babysat!

      by , 02-08-2013 at 08:45 PM (LDS's Confusing Dreams of Oddness)
      I am a little rusty, so please bear with me!

      My family and I were in the mall, stopping at a little McDonald's. my mom or someone calls my uncle o see if he can meet us there, but he can't. S then we are in the car, since they're not coming we're not eating there. My mom mentions this local fast food place, idk the name, and we all including me apparently loved it at one point. S, we wre going there.

      Then, I am standing near this road next to a building. It was so vivid, I've had a few prominent dreams these last few days, but I could look more directly this time, if that makes sense. I then become lucid for no reason, as if its because its really lucid!

      U start walking, and I am in front of the building. I see this old woman inside the building with sunken cheeks, and there are two kids with her. She insists that if I ever need a babysitter, there is her. She meant for me! I assured her I do t need one, because I. Nineteen! Shei sis ram so I tell her I'm almost twenty, an adult! Still... Then I walk across the street. There are a bunch of stores in front of me.

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    5. The Aliens and Oral Hygiene

      by , 08-11-2010 at 11:41 PM (LDS's Confusing Dreams of Oddness)

      So, I see these alien people. One is green, the other two aren't(they're like sim aliens ) and I see their normal colored teen kid and his teeth...They are small, crooked, and ugly. He takes this piece of floss...and twines it between his teeth . So, this is when I offer the family a little piece of advice on oral hygiene. I tell them how to brush their teeth. I take my finger and put it on the left side of my tooth, not quite touching it, to show them how. Then they're like, "aren't you supposed to brush the other side of your tooth?" I told them you brush every side, and a tooth brush is a small version of a hair brush. But I see a few toothbrushes in a glass (and we're outside...) and point those out to them. Then, I tell them I'll tell them about flossing later. But then we start walking, and I show them my braces and tell them that they straighten your teeth.

      I had this dream because I got up early today to go to the ortho (I'm finally getting them off at the end of Sep., 2 1/2 years, and I'm on the second set . Well, I came home and took a two hour nap because I got up at SEVEN THIRTY!
    6. [Yesturday] The Guy from a Small Bus

      by , 08-11-2010 at 01:53 AM (LDS's Confusing Dreams of Oddness)

      I start off in this dream outside on this nice green grass near a large tree. There are some guys by the tree. So, I'm on the verge of lucidity, and I'm swinging back and forth on something near the guys by the tree to impress them . Well, I think I may have done a back flip too-which I can't do IRL. Then, it hit me that I was lucid full on. I fly off, and the scene skips. I am at some sort of school-and I see the buses, they are small buses. They are lined up in some funky half circle position. The blacktop in front of this school is ginormous.

      I ask these random girls where all of the cute guys are. They tell me on this one random bus. They looked like middle schoolers to me-and I'm a junior . ANYWAY, I see the bus they're talking about. Unfortuanatly, for some reason I go by the bus on the wrong side, and the other buses are blocking me from going to the other side. The buses start moving. But I go on top of the bus, and there's a sunroof, so I sneak inside. I sit by this random person right by the sunroof. This is an odd bus. There's only like 6 or 7 rows, and each row only has 2 seats and there's no aisles! This guy 2 rows in front of me looks back, and says hi to me. I say hi back in that corny flirty way you hear on tv because I knew it was a dream, and the only safe place to say it like that . The girl next to him starts talking to me, and I think about telling them that, but, eh, I don't. I start to wonder when kids will start getting off, but then I realize I can just mentally stop the bus and have everyone get off! So, that's what I do! I get off, and I hold the hand of that guy. At first, I want to walk somewhere, but instead I kiss him 3 times and I wake up.
    7. The Guy that was still a guy but ended up turning into a person that looked like a girl

      by , 08-11-2010 at 01:42 AM (LDS's Confusing Dreams of Oddness)

      So, I go into this odd looking room. It is like...IDK, sorta like a factory, yet a home, a large room. It was weird! So, I am talking to this bad guy type dude, he is at a distance (luckily). Well, one thing he said is that he makes all of the cookies ...Well, I saw this guy take a new cookie sheet with fresh cookies on it and set it on this odd huge table type thing. And, of course, I thought he looked cute. Surprise surprise! I said to the guy that he doesn't make him, but he does *looking at the guy*. He kind of nods in thanks, and I nod back. Then, I became lucid. I noticed there were a lot of people in the room. So, I told them to leave. That guy was in front of me, and I told him not him [to leave]. I just tugged on the back of his shirt, he didn't move. We held hands and went somewhere.

      The scene skips. We are outside at some house- a lot of it was deck. A LOT of deck! Well, I kissed him or something. THEN, I look at him, and now he's a she. "She" had long light blonde hair with ever so light waves. "She" had soft freckles". I mentioned it to him...IDK what he said. Well, we go to a different spot of the deck, like in between houses. I see this one girl I know from school. At this point, "she" has her long hair in a pony. So, I told the girl from school to cut most of her pony off to "turn" her into a guy. Then, I told them to make it shorter. SO, they did. I was nervous it would look choppy... I was picturing "her" the way "she" was supposed to be-a dude . He had short soft waves .

      Well, the scene skips and we're back in the odd room from the beginning. We probably kiss a few times.
    8. Wedding, and going 8 years into the future

      by , 07-19-2010 at 04:57 PM (LDS's Confusing Dreams of Oddness)

      So, I was going to a wedding, I was walking in, almost there...and, DUMBLY enough, I couldn't recall whose wedding it was . There were two possibilities: my parent's wedding. In my dream and my dream only, my parents were divorced, and wanted to get back together. My mom and dad showed up, and she mentioned that even if they were still divorced, they'd both live in the same house we have now .

      Now, in my dream there is this guy of about 12 that has to travel to different places to fight crime, or get something, IDK! I think we're close friends, even though I'm 16. Well, he has some kind of a signal that he has to go, so he does. Then, when he's back, what he shows me is a future copy of Reader's Digest . Aparently the place he traveled to was sometime in the future. Then, he said he wanted me to come with, so I could see it. So I did, and I think my dad was in the background of it all...

      We're there, and I suppose we're just outside...it's a rather nice, sunny day, very green greenery! Oddly enough, it looked as if we went one way, we'd fall off , but my dream didn't pay any attention to that. Well, I'm standing with the guy and he had his simself out, and I was going to put mine up, but he was nervous our simselves would be romantic towards each other...I then put it out, telling him that teen sims can't flirt with the kids! My simself didn't look like me, LOL! I had on pink, I think, shorts, blonde hair still, and those EA pigtails without the ribbon. Then, we just went walking as if we never even had those simselves . I noticed that there was a small carnival in front of us, so we waited in one of the lines. This one was for a ride with seats, it's round, and it goes around and around...it's not what you're thinking of . So, we're waiting in line and there is this annoying chubby dude in line by us. Well, he shows me the copy of the Reader's Digest, and then we're on the ride, I'm in one of the seats. He points out a guy in a suit with some sash on, and says that I am as old of him-when I am in this future. So, I did the "math" and we were 8 years in the future. , I found no point in reading that edition if I'd read it in the future! So, the dorky me checked that this is the same "space time continum (sp?)" and he said it was. Then I mentioned how in sims, since we "were" in sims, that we'd, 8 years in the future, have carnivals in them . I remember that when the chubby dude got on next to me, we sank, while my dad accross was up high! So this ride was LIKE a giant comfy disk with seats-all attatched.
    9. Waking me up...

      by , 07-19-2010 at 02:13 AM (LDS's Confusing Dreams of Oddness)

      I am in my bedroom, really sleepy, I barely open up my eyes, and I see my door. My dad opens it. He's talking to himself that he wants to wake me up. He goes to the right side of my bed, and he continues to talk to himself. He wanted to poke me, but he hesitated, he didn't want to wake me. Then, in my super tired, half asleep voice, I talk to him, very quietly, and as if I'm out of breath. I start to say something like "Dad, I'm so tired..." "It's like I'm half dreaming..." Then, I wake up, and I look where my dad was when I opened my eyes, and sure enough, he was gone.
      non-lucid , false awakening
    10. "Sleep" Walking

      by , 07-19-2010 at 02:08 AM (LDS's Confusing Dreams of Oddness)

      Not a surprise, this dream and my next dream are like this because I took a nice long 2 hour nap-I didn't sleep well last night PLUS I had to get up 2 hours earlier then normal for church .

      I'm in my bedroom.I am just SO tired-that happens often to me in nap dreams. Well, I want to get up really bad, but I am just SO tired, so I decide to walk where I am half sleeping with my eyes closed-for real, I am good about feeling my way around in my basement. Well, I am then in the family room, and I felt the couch. In my mind, I saw what it looked like. Next thing I know, I'm back in my bedroom. I then saw that I was holding onto the couch in my bedroom that REALLY doesn't exist-right behind my bed in the middle of the room! At that point, I opened my eyes to see that.
    11. Public Restroom

      by , 07-19-2010 at 02:02 AM (LDS's Confusing Dreams of Oddness)

      I'm in a public bathroom, aparently for both genders . I am in front of one of the last stalls, the family one. I see two guys in the bathroom on both sides , going. I think I thought the one to the left was cute, but then I saw, from the corner of my eyes that he was going (tush down...), and I looked away . Then, I am still in the bathroom, but I am no longer in between stalls, and it seems as though the bathroom is endless in size. Now, I see this one girl in the open having issues...She was # 2 all over her. EEWWWW(maybe I was remembering that one gross scene in that one movie with people from India that I don't recall the name of). Now, the girl is next to me and she is clean. Someone then tells her she still smells, and reluctantly she goes back to clean off some more. Then, some of the guys there, one my age, maybe others like my little sister's age, 14, and they were talking about guys, and how I like to flirt with them, something around those lines. And, fail, and I say that I only REALLY do it in the way that they're speaking of in dreams , LD's usually. FAIL.
    12. Gross Rainbow Food

      by , 07-17-2010 at 11:47 PM (LDS's Confusing Dreams of Oddness)

      I am in a house, in what looks to be my grandparent's house... Well, I am with this girl in there, and aparently, for some reason, we have to stay in the house forever . Well, she started making this really gross but pretty food. It looked kind of like that painty thing with the paint on it, but it was metal, and there were circles that went down in it. She started making this really gross concoction in it. It was all rainbow, different colors in each spot, and it was over heat, boiling. Some of them had 2 colors mingled together. Well, I tried some, and it tasted like disgusting BREAD! Then, I went to the front porch, and I saw my grandparents and parents. I then became lucid, probably because of them.
      lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment
    13. Asking for Cute Guys FAIL

      by , 07-17-2010 at 05:28 AM (LDS's Confusing Dreams of Oddness)

      I've been slacking in the DJ department . Well, I did remember some dreams from this morning, but I was doin stuff, and didn't bother to remember it much . So, I have this bad LD I am sharing from yesturday.

      I was in school, and it was the first day. I "decided" that it wouldn't "hurt" to become lucid, because I know school hasn't started yet, so I did reluctantly. Weird I know. I remember seeing one of my friends IRL, and without thinking I asked her to show me the cutest guys around. Well, all of them round up in front of me. There are about 7 of them. They are all wearing this same sweatshirt, just in different colors, except one which I realize is this random indian dude I know...he only looks average to me...Well, I saw that two of them had blue eyeliner on. They are straight...It is to show their team spirit. I thought that all of them in the sweatshirts are sporty and in some team. One of them had the eyeliner on perfect, and it oddly looked good on him. The other, not so great...I just left them, thinking none of them were worthy .
      lucid , dream fragment
    14. Fragments

      by , 07-11-2010 at 05:17 AM (LDS's Confusing Dreams of Oddness)
      I did have 2 other LD's this morning, involving trying to hop into sims in my dreams. I don't remember much about them, and I don't feel like sharing the little bit I remember, since it would be hard to piece it all together. Of course, it also was a FALIURE. Though I don't remember much of them now, I do know they were decent length.
      lucid , dream fragment
    15. Smart DC

      by , 07-10-2010 at 11:12 PM (LDS's Confusing Dreams of Oddness)

      I am in school, and it's the first day, yay.... I have a folder with my schedule and other papers. Somehow without looking, I know that this one class is my first hour. Well, I am in there, and I see this girl I know. We start talking. There are some guys around, teasing me, as a lot of the class was, but I am used to it, and thought it would be like this the whole year (seriously , but the "good kind"). Well, then that period is done and I have to go to my next period. I didn't know what class it was, but I did go into a random class to check, then I "assumed" that was my next class. I felt the dream aura, and thought it could be a dream. I did hesitate for some reason... but, well, all and all, I did become lucid.This is an odd looking classroom, it's all unwide, but it is long...only in the front were there kids in their desks. I noticed that my history teacher IRL from last year was the teacher. The phone rings, and she picks it up. She said it was for me! I pick it up, and the guy starts blabbering, I assume he has some dreaming questions for me. "You know I'm in a dream, right?" "Yes." Then he starts talking the same way, and I can't understand him! Like, the noise or something...

      Scene change, and I am still in the school talking to him, but on a different phone near the office. The hallway around me is large, and there are 3 seperate hallways branching off. Then I verbalize to him that I don't understand him. I tell him to just materialize in front of me. He did! He looked like my OTHER history teacher. *Shiver*. Well, now he starts talking, and I understand some of what he says. He seems knowledgable, so I decide to spend my LD hearing what he has to say. I try hard to understand. We walk slowly, and I see 2 sofas paralel next to each other. He tells me that nothing is more paralel then things in dreams that are supposed to be paralel. "Even more paralel then cells." Then, I look at the cieling, and he tells me that there are no "stints or stares" in the dreamworld either. I woke up soon after. I figured once I woke up that "stints and stares" meant that there are no imperfections where there aren't "supposed" to be-which is kinda true .
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