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      First Controlled Lucid!

      Interplanetary Warfare and My First Controlled Flight

      [Silene Capensis that morning.
      B-Complex, Choline 500 MG, Valerian, Calea Zacatechichi tinture 20 drops before bed
      Lucid Dreamer Galantamine capsule before WBTB]

      I'm walking out of the dining hall at my college and the ground is covered with slushy snow. I think about how a lot of people get depressed with this weather but I actually sort of like it. I look off to where the Field House should be but instead I see what I think is the moon low in the sky like when it first comes out during the day. However, I notice that it's about ten times the size of the moon and that it seems to have land masses, oceans and clouds. It's not Earth clearly because the land masses are much smaller and clustered together. All of a sudden a Huge explosion rips across this neighboring planet and I know it's under attack of some sort and has basically been destroyed. At this point I quickly try the nose pinching RC and it worked! What's weird is I've never used that one in waking life or a dream before. It worked though so I'm going to keep utilizing it!
      I run towards the trail through the woods and stumble in the snow. I scramble back up and keep running down the path. I thought something was going to chase me because I heard snowmobiles near by but nothing came. I get to the end of the trail and now it's warm again. As I walk behind the Student Union it turns into my high school and I decide to try to fly. I easy off the ground and tentatively float about two stories up over this smaller building then try to make my way to the main building. I'm not sure of myself and I lose it. The whole portion of the dream that is.
      I find myself in a Chinese restaurant sitting in a chair on the end of a wall booth with an Asian guy with long hair to my left and a I think Ricky from the show Trailer Park Boys to the right. We're eating bowls of noodles and then I woke up.

      Abiding in this reality, which is one's actual awareness itself,
      How can one say that one could not find one's own mind?
      Abiding in this reality, the uninterrupted union of radiance and awareness,
      How can one say that the true face of the mind has not been seen?...
      Abiding in this reality, where there is nothing at all to be done how can one say that, whatever one did, one did not succeed?

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      Congratulations!!! That first lucid with control is great!
      ...And then to dream...

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