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      Wink Your first time...

      So I was wondering what was your first time like? I mean your first lucid dream.

      I remember mine was a while back, where I was at the water park and I right away knew I was dreaming and I remembered someone on here said to either spin or look at your hand. I did both looking at my hand and I spun like the mask. The feeling was pretty freaking great, like "yes, finally!"

      Have fun

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      my first was: i was a ninja and I was able to realize everything in slow motion so i ran trough water and raining and saw all water drops in slow motion and i touched them. It was amazing. So basically I was able to control time. It happened around 2003 or so... I did not know that it is lucid dream. But since I wrote my dreams down from 2000 or so then i have many lucid dreams written down not realizing that they where lucid. I run to term 'lucid' at 2007 and instantly recognized what gold I had mined for 7 years...
      Do not waste 36% of your lifetime in black hole - go lucid!


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