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      Violent Vibrations

      Last night I was lying in bed on my back trying a few techniques to get into a lucid dream. Finally I started to feel the vibrations associated with SP but for some reason they were extremely violent.

      I usually feel very uncomfortable when this happens but just try and go with the ride. It was so bad last night that I thought my teeth were going to shatter. It felt like it lasted for at least 2 or 3 minutes and then I heard a very scary voice saying "The Dark of the Dream" over and over. Then I awoke.

      This seems to be a big hurdle for me to get past. I can feel the onset of SP but don't seem to make it past that point into WILD.

      I did have my second LD this morning though, that was nice.

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      Idk if this is the same thing, but when I was going to sleep last night I felt SP coming on and got incredibly hungry, it was almost unbearable. It was extremely uncomfortable but I just tried to ignore it and when I got into the dream it went away. This probably doesn't help you much, but your story just reminded me of that and they sound a little similar.
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