Ok...After experiencing what My Dream-Realm offered (with my first lucid dream and all that) I wanted and longed to try again. Well, it happened again...(well, sorta).
It starts(to where i can remember it) in a city street. People was playing around with these strange lighter thingies (Cold-Fire, they were called: They were a nuclear plasma-based anti-energy device, that looked like a lighter) I had a weird lighter (Hot-Fire, A nuclear plasma-based pro-energy device, emitted strong heat waves.) Well, imagine a few kids playing with portable nuclear devices (o.O) One of them broke a Cold-Fire...and since it was a nuclear device, it activated a fission reaction (Hiroshima revisited) And i flew as fast as i could feasibly could...for a dream anyway...Thats when i got the 'Its a dream' spark and BAM!!! LUCID MODE! (lol) I decided, in this lucid state, to go elsewhere...well, wouldnt you? So, I arrive in a surbaban area in the evening (dimly lit) I wanted one of my friends to appear, and she did for a short bit of time, and walked into her house. Thats when i started to lose my awareness...I was entering her house and i tried to find my way out. I think i lost Lucidity there, because i couldnt control what i was doing. I was found by the family, and they were really understanding. They let me call a family member, and they were pretty livid. For what reason, i didnt know why. Then i was caught up in a party in the house...and i forget what happened afterwards...I wake up shortly thereafter.