for the past week in my dreams and nightly lucid i have been playing saints row and my dreams are dead on with the game i punch the same way they even walk the same say the same stuff and i go arround with guns killing everyone in sight unless i feel i like them or its my gang members in the game.
i steal cars drive arround till they catch on fire and i have a small amount of time to run till it blows up i even have strong holds (gang houses) and i collect my profit the rest of the gang has made for the day and have millions of dollors in my pockets. i also rob banks and do any other crime or fun thing i see its so weird because it is the game 100% nothing else i have been playing it for a few hours every night before bed while thinkin of lucid dreaming as i play. its an awesome dream sign because i relise i have guns or am smashing cars i cant miss it lucid dreams everynight.