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      7 Month dry spell ends!

      At last after several months of on and off lucid attempts I finally have 2 dilds in one night!

      I found myself in a large mansion somewhere and didn't recognise where I was at all but just "Knew" I was dreaming. This dream was kind of on autopilot and I just followed the plot if indeed there was an actual plot.

      Firstly I encountered a maid, probably in her fifties and I definitely didn't find her attractive or anything, but I just blurted out "You want some sex?". I think this is my SC taking over mostly as I'm not normally that outgoing in real life lol ! I can't remember her immediate response but she didn't seem unduly offended with the question. I do remember looking at her face though and trying to find any glitches as if my conscious mind was still taking in the scene around me and doing it's own reality check. Nope, no glitches or errors anywhere, she looked normal and so did the surroundings apart from the brilliant colours around us which were distinctly Technicolor in nature.

      Whilst we walked down several hallways of the house I noticied that there were quite a few scene changes or indeed "jumps", as in, one minute I'm aware that we've either gone up or down stairs or into various rooms, but without the actual recollection of how we got there.Must have been a kind of time-lapse but was perfectly done without any imagery disappearing, maybe just visual morphing perhaps.

      Anyhow, the maid and I ended up in a huge bathroom area with jacuzzi etc and she suggested that "I take a bath" I thought, "Yeah, ok, then perhaps we can have some sex afterwards?". She proceeded to run the bath and as I looked into it after a while I noticied a Turd floating in the bath water
      and this put me right off as you can imagine I pointed this out to her but she got angry and started shouting at me and waving her arms at me as if to try and hit me. Then she started some weird morphing stuff and her body began to swell and skin start to rip. I thought "Oops, time for me to leave!" but before I could, she somehow had a hold of me and I couldn't move. I even tried summoning a fireball in my hand to fire at her but I couldn't get it to work. Eventually I think my SC took over at this point and I grabbed her arm and took a bite out of it and she started to fade, as did the dream and I ended up in the "black".

      A few moments surrounded by blackness I could feel a pushing and pulling motion as if part of me was trying to wake up in bed and part of me trying to get back into a dream ( SP perhaps? ) and after a few seconds I found myself in a new dream scene, but this time outside. I won't bore you with the rest as it only lasted another couple of minutes, but followed in similar fashion as the first, where I'd find a girl or indeed in this latter case actually summon a girl from my workplace and it worked! Again, another good reality check that I was dreaming as I only ever see her at work and nowhere else.

      Here's a few interesting points for me.

      1. I watched Vanilla Sky (again) before going to bed.

      2. Went to bed at 1:00am and woke at 2:41am (LD's must have been the last 10 mins) hence I won't get any hang-ups about not having enough sleep.

      3. Although not as in control as in an FA for example, it gave me a good example of how a lower-level lucid behaves and in some ways was better because I could go with the flow of the dream without the pressure of trying to control the environment I was in.

      4.Surprised at how seamless the environment changed from location to location even though there's obvious gaps in the timeline I was able to note that down in real Lucid time if you like.

      5. Finally, had 2 LD's in quick succession joined with a DEILD, seemed easy at the time, lol.
      DILD/AILD (Anomaly Induced Lucid Dream ) 5

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