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      Smile First true lucid dream with control.

      The details are kind of blurry, but I was in Georgia on a school bus, and I realized that I can't possibly be in Georgia, so I became lucid. To make sure, I tried popping a balloon that was on the bus with my mind, but all I could do was make it a little bigger. Then I took a plastic bag and tried using my mind to set it on fire. It shriveled up a little and finally caught flame. I barely remember anything else of the dream except right before I woke up. I was walking into a small building when my view shifted to a third-person view of myself walking. Everything became gray, and I realized I was on my bed. I tried yelling the "increase lucidity" thing, but I could only say it in my real head outside of the dream, and I woke up. This is the second lucid dream I've ever had that lasted more than a couple of seconds, but it is the first one where I've had actual control over it.

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      Congrats! I haven't tried pyrokinesis in my LDs yet. Maybe I'll try that in the next one I have.
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