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      Not sure what this means

      Okay I've been diligently trying to LD and tonight as I was attempting WILD and unsuccessfully trying to let my mind go, I remembered something that has happened to me before.

      I've remembered that at some point while dreaming before (not sure how deep into sleep I was) that I was writing something or putting something into an envelope, using my hands in some way and it really felt as though I was using myreal hands and then my mind somehow "felt" or "focused" to my real hands and I realized that it wasn't my real hands moving at all and then whatever I was doing in the dream stopped.

      So what exactly is this feeling or sensation?

      This has happened to me on a few occassions and I'm just now remembering it and curious as to what it is or what it could mean

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      Hmm, interesting... Seems to me like the beginning of a lucid dream, but then consciousness just shifted from the dream body to the real body, waking you up. Very common if you haven't experienced a lot of lucid dreams yet.

      Some people, by the way, can control both bodies simultaneously, existing on two different planes at the same time, or quite possibly a "superalloy" of the two. Think of shamans walking around in a trance etc. So yes, your physical and dream body are connected; at first it's easier to be carried by the flow of the experience and just concentrate on the latter - the dream body.


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