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    Thread: 2 lucids!

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      2 lucids!

      Last night, I had 2 lucid dreams! I'll only give details of the first, though. I was in a backyard, with brown picket fences. I coutned my fingers on one hand and found there to be 6, so I became lucid. I tried flying, but when I jumped in the air I just slowly floated down. I pointed 2 fingers at a small tree nearby and lifted it out of the ground and it made a small popping noise. Then I tried to airbend at a fence, but I couldn't manage to do it. The second lucid is too long for me to want to write again, after I just wrote it in my journal, but I became lucid by the same RC, counting 6 fingers instead of 5. I'm just really excited because I had my first true lucid several days ago, and I never thought I would have 2 in one night.

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      nice. Dream control does take a while to get down. I find it easy to say spells my first direct dream control was Firega for KH.


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