The scenery was a beach with a huge warehouse with an opening right next to water, it was a pebbly beach that was kind of gritty at the same time and I distinctly remember red seaweed, the water wasn't very clear and sand was churned up from the surf.

We had decided to surf, me and some Chinese girls and what resembled Bruce Lee. The water was shallow but the surf was pretty big, the waves were breaking too close to the shore and that concerned me at the time. Everytime I attempted to properly stand I couldn't do it. I saw the girls going off abit further out to try and catch some other waves. They dissapeared and as I turned to look back torwards the shore, some current span me around by the feet as if lifting me out of the water... I really feared it was a shark pushing me with its nose, much like a fish does when just about to bite the hook. When things stablised I forgot about it which was odd. As I looked back to my surfboard it had shrunk to no bigger than my finger, attempting to lie my body across it, the surfboard sunk and I was really annoyed.

Semi lucid I swam under the surface but too my suprised instead of going underwater I went through a layer much like noclipping in a videogame. That's when I knew I was dreaming. Excitement arose and I almost ruined it but managed to supress my feelings. I should have taken is slow but wanted to fly, I pictured myself flying and began to float out of the water. Arcing right, i flew directly over some cliffs where two hikers were walking with backpacks. I wasn't really incontrol of where I was going, and when this I realised this, i fell out of the sky and landed on my face in the gritty sand. 3 DC, 2 girls and a boy walked past. 1 of the girls put her foot on my back, then walked off. I looked at the boy who seemed to be mad I had taken an interest in the girl. I stood up gazed out to sea and thought id like to revisit Thailand, closing my eyes I willed the scenery to change. It didn't. I closed my eyes again
and woke up.

After two days of reading about lucid dreaming, really looking forward to my next one. Last night I remembered three of my dreams!