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      First (well, second) lucid dream

      Hi everyone! In case you were wondering, my first lucid dream was a sort of false 'dreaming about a lucid dream' dream. While this may not be the most original topic by a long shot, id really like to post about my first experience. Here goes:

      I was in a large caravan. The walls were white with a green line running down them, and the ceiling was the same as my grandad's house's ceiling, which is a sort of white, smooth plaster. The whole caravan is very bright and uplifting, and from the many windows I can tell that the caravan is on a mountain. Below are beautiful mountain ranges and snow capped peaks. The caravan however was a classroom, and eight of my classmates were there. Random objects littered the floor, and at the back of the caravan were two tables. In the room was a short, smiling, bald man with a bushy ginger beard, who called the class to start and started teaching us about lucid dreams (Odd, i know). He then pointed to the back wall of the caravan behind us, which had suddenly revealed a red slide, leading down into a stone basement. He then instructed us to grab a mat each and ride down. It was really fast, and we soon reached the bottom in a big heap. As we got up laughing, I noticed some signs around the room. Having chosen reality checks as my preferred method i looked at one of the signs. It said ' woman dies by eating milkyway bar' . However, the letters were distorting and changing and I instantly realised it was a dream. The dream the shifted to a third person perspective, and i flew into the back of my own body. Instantly, everything became much clearer, and the room changed back into the caravan. While everyone else began to work on origami I walked over to the techer, who was sat on a small stone with a walking stick, his chin resting on his hands. I said "Sir, remember how you talked about lucid dreaming? Im lucid!" He smiled, and was pleased that i had achieved lucidity. He then talked about the possibillities I could do, and told me that I was exempt from the class to experiment. Filled with a glowing, happy feeling i flew up off of the ground! It was incredible, and while i was flowing i felt warm and fuzzy inside. I flew as high up as the caravans ceiling went, before remembering that you could sense things in a dream. I moved my hands over the ceiling, and could feel every detail, and I revelled in the power of the mind. I then laughed and called to my friend L. and sais " I can touch the ceiling!" Then he came over and said "This is a dream so so can I!" and he stretched his whole body and touched the ceiling. We both laughed, and then the teacher called us in for a drink and a bite to eat. He gave me a carton of apple juice, seeming to know that I wanted to experiment. I could actually taste it! Then, as the dream began to fade, I happily bid farewell to the teacher and my classmates, before waking up. After performing a reality check, I realised my dream was over.

      I think that this teacher was my dream guide perhaps. I could only stay in the caravan school it seemed like a training ground before he let me go out into the world. Anyway, I hope to share more LD's in the future!

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      That was a great read! Good Job!! my first few lucids were no where near that nice lol. Actually my first was awesome but that's before I knew what LDing was haha. I think it's very possible the teacher was your dream guide. It seemed he was very clever. He helped you realize that you were dreaming by teaching a lesson on lucid dreaming. I have had many dream in which I talk about lucid dreaming and never realize I'm dreaming! That was a special dream my friend! Good luck in the future and welcome to DV!!!


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