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    Thread: state between dream and waking, where mind images become real

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      state between dream and waking, where mind images become real

      Hi everyone, new here. I wanted to share some experiences I had, not exactly dreaming but close.

      This is pretty weird, dunno how to explain it. You know how when you look at something brightly lit and then close your eyes you get an afterimage on your retina that persists for a few seconds and then fades away?
      Well sometimes when I am tired and about to fall asleep random images come to mind mind, and then they appear on my retina just like an afterimage.
      I'm sure it has some neurological explanation of lack of visual stimuli etc, but they look just like afterimages to me, as in I can seem them with my physical eyes.

      Also, a few times when I am about to fall asleep, usually tired, I "hear" voices, this time in my head, not with my ears, lol, I know it sounds bad, but anyways, they are uttering random words, most of the time unintelligible, but almost making sense, kind of like garbled radio transmissions.

      And finally, this morning I woke up because the phone rang, and as I was falling asleep again I guess I had a lucid dream, I was still partly awake, where I was using the iPhone to navigate menus, swiping my finger, and al I could see was the phone and everything else was black. I knew I was dreaming, but I was also partly awake, hard to explain. This kind of weird stuff usually happens when I am very tired in the morning and trying to catch some extra ZZZs, I can think of things and they sort of become tangible in my mind, yet it is not a full dream state.

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      Keep working on ur RC's and stuff and learn the rope.. .you're already on the road to LDing

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      Hypnagogic Hallucinations they can effect all the five senses.


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