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      My first real LD

      So I have been trying to lucid dream for about a month now and I have only had 2 lucid moments, I guess you could call them. That is, until last night. Well last night I had my first LD. I was in a room in my house where I think to do a reality check. I hold my nose to see if I can still breath. Well I could. So then I realised that I had to be in a dream. I went down the stairs closest to me and out the front door. Began to walk down the trail next to my house. Then I tried to run. After a few seconds of running I began to wake up.
      So that was pretty much it. In total it lasted about 1 minute. I also remembered 4 dreams, including my LD, just in that night. I had actually taken a few days break from recording my dreams due to a lot of stress with school. Any tips?

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      Congratulations That sounds like a cool dream, even if it was short. It sounds like you are making progress. Three lucid dreams is pretty good for your first month. I would keep doing what you are doing. You should get more lucid dreams, and they should last longer as you get more comfortable with the feeling.

      To keep from waking up prematurely, I like to take a minute to ground myself in the dream by touching my dream body and my surroundings. I find that focusing on my sense of touch can really make things more stable and vivid.


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