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      I had multiple WILDS this morning.

      So first I am going to state that I did not go to school today, because of a leg injury. Now the dream that I first had. I was driving in my car, around new hampshire I believe, I stopped at my fat runescape playing cousin's house, he is always sarcastic and thinks he's better then me for some reason. So when I got to his house I went inside, he came in through the kitchen door, he decided that he was stronger than me, (I work out every other day) A few of my friends were there, and he was showing off his abs (and so he thought) but when he turned around, he was still just fat, and he said to me "I bet you wish you had abs like this" and I said "Oh please, you think I want that more than this?" I thought that I was going to be fat in the dream, but instead I was stronger then normal. I woke up, I complained to my mom that my leg was hurting to much to go to school, so she left and brought my sisters to school. I fell asleep again. I woke up again, but now instead of seeing a pair of jeans on my bed, I saw a blue shirt, I wanted to wake up, so I decided to do a RC I talked, I noticed that my voice was more quiet and raspy. So I closed my eyes. I woke up again, still the blue shirt was on my bed. This time I decided to go play around, I went out to the kitchen, I saw that it was dark outside, so I decided that it was nighttime long enough, and the sun came up. I went outside and it was nice and sunny outside. I flew into the air and crashed into a few branches and woke up, this time I saw the jeans, I went back to sleep and woke up to the blue shirt on my bed, so I got up, it was kind of laggy, so I decided that it would be smooth. It was. I went outside and it was dark, I once again decided that it had been dark long enough, and the sun came up, but I could still see stars in the sky, kind of like the sun was very far away. I woke up again, with the blue shirt in my bed, so I got up again, I walked out the door and started flying, I landed on a beach (I am no where near the coast, I live in arizona) I walked down the beach and came to a hut, there was a dead person in it, I woke up again, I tried to go back to sleep but failed. And that was my wilds.

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      Nice, congrats on your wilds

      Wilds:6 Dilds:3
      MAX dreams recalled per night:5


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