Well, I have been visiting this website for almost 2 years. I have found insteresting thing that have help me a bit in my lucid dreaming experiences. My lucid dream most of the time have been very short ( 1 to 2 minutes). Lately I have not been trying to lucid dream mucho because I suffer insomnia . If I wake up in the middle of the night ( 2 am). take for sure that I will not be able to go back to sleep. In spite of that , the frequency of my lucid dreams is increasing constantly. 2 days ago happened something really insteresting. I began lucid dreaming probably after 3 am am thar lucid dream was extremely long. During that time I have almost 3 times or more the sensation of being in my bed and all of the sudden to feel tha sensation that my body is levitanting and being transported from my room to the living room , from there to the kitchen and then to the garage outside de house whera I was able to stay under the rain in the middle of the night. (that night was really raining). Once outside I was able to see the plant in brilliant colors as it I was watching a color movie. In one of those ocasion my body left the room directly through the windows. I one of those levitating experiencies a ghost try to keep againt my bed but I managed to escape any way. The insteresting thing is that I was not affraid at any moment and I was able to exercise a few thing that I have read about how to stay dreaming without wakin up. When I was on the verge of waking up I use the technique of looking at the floor or other object to stabilize the dream at some point I grabbed one of the hand of the ghost to obtain the same results. Even when my dreaming was fading a remembered that I could use any sound to stay dreaming. I heard phrases in spanish and french and I used them to continue my dream. During that time that seems to last for more than 20 minutes there was something thas was bothering me all the time. That was a continue pressure on my chest and the sensation that I could not breathe. AS soon as I was feeling that I was going to wake up, I coud feel that pressure that dissapeares every time I returned deep into my dream. At the end I was tired and decided to end my dream, and so I did.
As you can see English is not my first language.. thanks.