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    Inventory at the hospital.

    by sanctispiritus on 02-21-2013 at 12:42 AM
    I'm at home and receive a visit from two women who claim that they need to do an inventory. I say we should go to the hospital . I walk barefoot and shirtless like the most normal thing in the world. When we arrived at the office door we can not enter because we do not have the magnetic card for doing that. Then we began to leave the hospital. We reach a staircase and I realize that two children are dangerously leaning against the railing. I carry a little girl about 4 years and suddenly people start running. We run out and I can see that there is another child in the top of the stairs. In those moments comes another lady who apparently knows me because she calls out my name. She takes the girl and I head out of the hospital. Then I start to make huge leaps as if gravity did not exist. Jumping from house to house, rather to the courtyards of the houses, I wake up suddenly.


    by sanctispiritus on 02-19-2013 at 12:40 AM
    I am in a building that is on the banks of a river that flows into the sea. This place is no stranger to me because it looks like a university building in Havana where I lived for three years. I was out on the balcony and I look to the horizon where the river and the sea met.
    Suddenly I notice that the water on the horizon rise sharply and is moving in the direction of the building. I am in the level 12 and I feeel secure
    The wave reaches the building and torrents of water come through the windows. The water soaks my clothes and I run to tell my sister who is taking a bath, but she does not pay any attention. When the waves retire I look down and see people's bodies on the sand. I go down to try to help when I see that a child is drawn into a drain. I manage to grab the child's hand and pulled him out of the water.

    Walking down the streets

    by sanctispiritus on 02-17-2013 at 12:37 AM
    This is a dream that has been repeated many times. I'm walking down a street in my hometown and suddenly I find myself walking IN A neighborhood that does not exist in reality but I have visited many times in my dreams. The houses are two stories high with many columns. The streets are deserted. As a variation this time as I was looking at the roofs I saw that they were adorned with statues that had collapsed. I looked carefully at one of these statues and it was a white angel that had collapsed to the right, but it was still standing because it had internal metal structures.

    Obe = lucid dream.

    by sanctispiritus on 02-13-2013 at 11:12 PM
    Everything that happens during the OBE, occurs precisely within our brain. Last night at 4 in the morning I had one of those experiences. I felt like my body was rising from the horizontal to a vertical position just in front of MY bed, the room was dark but I could distinguish objects. I tried to turn on the light, but this only gave a small lighting like a spark. I did what I had not done during other episodes, which was looking at my bed to see if my body was there, but I only saw the bed. My conclusion is that during the OBE supposedly one sees what we expect to see, if you does not believe that the soul leaves the body, then you will not see your body resting on your bed. .
    For People with religious beliefs that believe that the soul is independent of the body may probably have that kind of experiences but for me an obstinate materialistic these experiences are merely the product of brain activity. I went outside of my room and tried to turn on the lights, and this time they worked. I entered back and forth in that lucid dream 2 or 3 times.

    Dream interrupted.

    by sanctispiritus on 02-02-2013 at 01:13 AM

    I hear comments that a young man has killed a child. I do not know if it was with a firearm or other means. The young man who has been arrested is sitting at a table in front of me, very close. I start to write a few lines asking him to explain the reasons why he had killed the other girl or boy. I only managed to write a few lines because the words become disorganized. As in dreams anything is possible I imagine that I have finished a paragraph of 10 lines and hand it to the young man. The boy is tall and thin with curly black hair like a mestizo. People were talking about the punishment that would be imposed on the young man. I think he could be sentenced to be hanged, drawn and quartered, but at that time I looked at the boy and he looks like a child.. The boy is now white, small and you can tell that he is nervous. I feel sorry for the boy. Then the child goes to a hallway just in front of the room. Then I hear an alarm in the hallway and people begin to run. I approach a bathroom and I open the door. Inside the bathroom there is a huge puddle of blood on the floor .... Sound the alarm and wake up.