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    Thread: My First Lucid Dream!!!!!

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      My First Lucid Dream!!!!!

      This dream was unbelievably vivid to me, if i didn't know better i would have taken it as reality.

      Alright, here goes...

      So i got to sleep around 1 a.m. last night and have been sleep deprived the whole week (going to bed around 2 every night). So almost immediately after i layed down to sleep i began to drift off into a dream. I was at work just working a shift, but this was not a normal shift, it was a shift from hell. Everything was going wrong, literally everything.
      So I got to thinking (and this was all during my dream obviously) about a conversation about dreams i had with one of my friends a while ago who works with me. She was telling me about a dream she had of her working a never ending shift and ultimately being trapped at work.

      This is where it all started coming together.

      Once i thought about this, I started to realize that I didn't remember driving to work or anything i had done that day. I realized that the last thing i did was lay down to sleep, and me being at work was impossible. After really thinking about it, i decided that none of it was possible and that i was sleeping.
      But first, nothing happened. I just stayed calm and walked to the back part of our store.

      And finally, this is where it really began.

      I leaned over to the other worker i was with and said "you know whats weird? I know that i'm dreaming right now." and literally RIGHT when i said "i know that i'm dreaming right now" a feeling overtook me that i've never in my life felt before. My body began to vibrate, everything started to go black, and i slowly began to float.
      I have no idea why it took me off my feet but it did.
      It was a feeling of no gravity, just allowing my body to be free. Once i had fully taken in what was happening, a lucid dream, i had to stay extremely calm because i knew that if i didnt i would have woken myself up. So i didn't try anything fancy, i just let whatever was controlling my body take me. I wish i could describe to you the feeling, it was honestly like something overtook my body, an amazing vibrating sense of another level of something. It was indescribable.
      The initial feeling of me being taken off my feet was almost as if my body was lifted off of my bed, the most out of body experience i can possibly imagine.
      So now that I had maintained my composure and was successfully lucid dreaming, I wanted to experience something besides the black abyss that i was floating around in. So i tried to envision a setting, just a hill of some sort. But as soon as i started pushing my mind further i felt the sense of waking up coming on. I tried to fight it but it only made things worse and i finally woke up.
      When i knew i was awake, i still didnt open my eyes, because i still felt the sense of being completely weightless with a floating body. If i were to have been asked if my body was floating when i was woken up with my eyes closed, then i would have been 100% positive that i was. Literally an indescribably feeling. But as i began to open my eyes the feeling slowly started to go away.
      After I had completely come out of it I was still shaking with excitement, easily the most amazing experience i've ever gone through.
      The thing that really astonishes me though is how vivid both the feeling and overall dream was and still is for me. I can't describe the feeling of knowing that your body is floating or has the ability to do anything you want it to, because its something you would never imagine to feel or do because in reality its impossible.

      So yeah...haha that was my lucid dream. Hope you enjoyed it

      Hopefully there will be more to come!

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      Congrats! It is such an amazing feeling when you become lucid! Don't at all be upset about waking up so soon, just know that you are on the right path! I'm excited for you. Keep it up. The best, as they say, is yet to come.
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      Thanks! Can't wait to venture further into my mind

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      Congrats Enjoy every minute of it
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