I had my second lucid dream. This is what's in my DJ.

"I was standing in a room. I knew I was lucid. I knew to stay clam. Things started to fade. I touched the sink and tried to feel how it would feel. I then grabbed a thing of toilet paper. After that I wanted to see if I was really dreaming and I looked at my hands, I had about 7 or 8 fingers mushed together. What I saw was bent and extra fingers on each hand. I Push my finger through my hand and it felt warm! I did this because I wanted to see what it would feel like. Somewhere in this LD I was searching through a dresser drawer and tried to conjure a joint/blunt in it. I think I did it but the joint was a pretty sad looking black thing. After this someone distracted me and I lost lucidity.

This was a DILD. I have no idea when I lost lucidity because I remember the dream being a good 5-10 minutes long w/o lucidity.

LD is awesome. The feeling I get when i'm "there" is unexplainable.