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      Did I fool my mind or did my mind fool me?

      Hey guys.
      Im totaly new to lucid dreaming.. Well i have read a lot of stuff about it but when it comes to practise im at 0.
      So yesterday evening i read about entering sleep paralysis in this forum and thought: ok, ill gonna try it in the morning. So i woke up this morning, waited a few minutes and start relaxing. I was kinda sleepy still so i remember only me lying on the bed, then it comes a gap that i dont remember and then i remeber that wave of heaviness come on my body, my body turns off (i was kinda moving my arms, they moved in my dream, but the body didnt move) and im starting to hear those noises. The interesting thing is that, i could always turn off those noises when they get too loud (they were really loud). And i think, that my sleep paralysis was already in my dream. Because everything was the same as i've read in those tutorials and i could switch on and off those noises, and i think that gap, which i dont remember is the moment i fall asleep.
      So, guys, can it be real, that i failed at my WILD again and just dreamed my sleep paralysis when i was already paralised? (well it was still a great experience).
      Thanks in advance.
      BTW: sorry if my english is not so good.
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      A suggestion for you during this moment is to probably wait a little longer until a dream scene appears, then try going in it or jumping in the dream.


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