This is the first fully Lucid dream I've had since god knows how long. It start's off with me walking to my friends house. The first thing that was strange was that it wasn't her house, yet in the dream she lived there. I walked in, like I was already there or part of the family and sat down with her mom and step-dad as she quietly slept in the bed conviently placed next to the door in the living room. I remember getting up and going to the bathroom, things are a bit fuzzy there but when I got back I went outside and went somewhere. I started walking back and up to a house which wasn't the one I left and a lady walked up the driveway and asked me where I was going. I replied back to my friends house, and she pointed in the other direction and said something like the Daniels family (which is not their name) or something of that nature. I quickly realized where the house actually was and went back inside. At that point her step-dad went to the bathroom so I took his seat and her mom was gone so it was just me sitting in her step-dads chair and her sleeping on the bed next to her school books. When he got out of the bathroom, he brought a blanket of somesorts which I figured he was going to use to go to sleep so I got up and told him that I should probably go. We shook hands and then I headed over to her bed where I got on my knees and leaned over to her to say goodnight. Before I could say anything he pushed me head into her face, "I don't think..." he cut me off saying, "You shouldn't let that stop you." she woke up with his hand to my head saying, "this isn't working" well 3 seconds after that, it worked. :-p and that's where I woke up. I can't remember what we were watching, nor what I was doing in the bathroom, just remember looking in the mirror.
We used to be really good friends back in middle school before I had an accident which left me in the hospital for about a year and a half. I've always had strong feelings for her, but since I got out of the hospital she's been with this really controlling boyfriend who wouldn't let her talk to anyone. We reconnected yesterday playing volleyball and then partied at her grandparents house with a few of her friends then she took me home. I didn't try any methods of any sort, I just kind of fell asleep half drunk from the 40 that was left over from friday. I'm hoping this was a sign and not just WishfulDreaming but it wouldn't surpise me.